SORALUCE participates in a project for the development of active mechatronic joint modules

Within the context of the European project PoPJIM, 'Plug-and-Produce components for adaptive control', SORALUCE will be mainly in charge of integrating the active joint modules, and machine demonstration of the built prototypes. The aim of the joint modules is to improve the machine’s dynamic performance by increasing buffing and varying machine joint stiffness. The European Project PoPJIM, 'Plug-and-Produce components for adaptive control', is a collaborative project part of the 7th R&D Framework Programme run by the European Commission in the period 2007-2013. The project is coordinated by the prestigious Swedish centre KTH in Stockholm, and the consortium is composed by nine entities from seven European countries. PoPJIM consists of developing active mechatronic joint modules as machine tool component interfaces.The active mechatronic joint module provides increased buffing and variable stiffness according to the type of machining to be carried out. In the past, machining instability was solved by varying the cutting parameters to adapt them to the requirements of the machine’s dynamic characteristics, although this often reduced productivity. However, with the active mechatronic joint modules, the machine’s dynamic characteristics are adjusted to the type of machining to be done. The active joint consists basically of several pre-stressing plates that preload the active joint module and couple it to the machine structure, a piezoelectric actuator to vary the joint preload, a set of sensors for measuring this preload and a visco-elastic composite material that gives the joint its stiffness and buffing characteristics according to the preload. Download the project brochure