SORALUCE joins Blue Competence

SORALUCE  has recently joined a European Machine Tool Industry initiative known as Blue Competence, to address sustainability through the perspective of ecological, economic and social values. SORALUCE has been committed for a long time to these values and principles by means of the manufacture of sustainable products, technologies and processes in milling and boring technology. It operates a sustainability-driven management system, which is one of the axes of innovation developed in the company. SORALUCE provides sustainable and resource efficient solutions as well as being fully oriented towards sustainability in the complete machine design, manufacturing and machine-life process of the milling and boring machines. Life cycle management at SORALUCE focuses on the following aspects which improve efficiency significantly in milling and boring machines:
  • Energy loss reduction
  • Material consumption in machine modules during manufacturing phase.
  • Minimum number of moving parts.
  • Minimum hydraulic components.
  • Electromechanical tool changing system.
  • Direct drive spindle system.
SORALUCE is the first company in the Machine Tool sector to obtain certification for its Product Design and Development Process Management System in accordance with the ISO 14006 standard. This standard specifies the requirements to be applied during the design and development process for improvement of an organisation’s products and services through an environmental management system. SORALUCE has reduced environmental impact in the milling and boring machines. This leads to an important reduction in consumption during the manufacturing process, as well as reducing electricity and lubricant consumption during use. In a world increasingly concerned by the environment, governments are supporting activities which are committed to environmental impact reduction through beneficial funding and taxing conditions. This adds value to customers of SORALUCE as it allows low interest credit lines and advantageous taxes to be applied.