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More efficient cybersecurity systems to make headway in the digital industry

More efficient cybersecurity systems to make headway in the digital industry
  • The machine tool manufacturer DANOBATGROUP has been working with the startups Enigmedia and Keynetic on the development of more secure systems for data transmission in manufacturing plants.
  • The project is part of the Basque Government´s Bind 4.0 programme to boost business development and industrial digitalisation.
  • Within the framework of this programme, a group of companies will visit the Basque group´s facilities on April 25 to have first-hand information on the initiative.

The application of new digital technologies in the industry opens the way to new models of smart factories using automated manufacturing processes and interconnecting equipment. However, this new paradigm presents challenges such as ensuring a secure transmission of information.

With the aim of optimising the systems to protect communication, the Basque machine tool manufacturer DANOBATGROUP and the technological startups Enigmedia and Keynetic are working together on a project for cybersecurity.

The initiative focuses on encrypting information from machines and equipment for transmission to cloud architectures in a completely secure manner.

"The first stage of the project consists of providing a layer of cybersecurity to the internal network of operating technologies of machines by encrypting communications without this affecting their operational capacity", explains Elena Urkia, the head of the initiative at DANOBATGROUP.

After the data encryption phase, a software-defined network (SDN) will be developed, which is responsible for managing and transmitting the data flows from the monitored machines to the cloud.

The project is part of the BIND 4.0 program, a scheme implemented by the Basque Government and the business development agency SPRI with the mission to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the Basque Country and facilitate collaboration between highly technological small companies and industrial corporations that are references in their sector.

As part of this programme, on 25 April a group of companies visited the headquarters of DANOBATGROUP in Elgoibar to study the progress of this initiative and the commitment to digitalisation of the industrial group.

This is the second edition of BIND 4.0 with the participation of DANOBATGROUP. Last year, the cooperative group developed, together with the startup Innovae, a system for milling machine monitoring that collects data from equipment and processes this for subsequent display on common devices such as tablets or smart glasses.

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