LATZ, technological partner of BIMATEC-SORALUCE in its 24th Open House

LATZ, the cutting tools division of DANOBATGROUP, will present its products during the 24th edition of BIMATEC-SORALUCE OPEN HOUSE which has been held annually since 1990. The event expects to attract customers from all over Germany and East Europe, markets in which LATZ has an increasing presence. LATZ Cutting tools are well-known for their high precision, reliability and cutting edge technology. LATZ designs produces and commercializes standard and special HSS and Carbide cutting tools for the main industrial sectors . The state-of-the-art production facilities of LATZ and its quality controls guarantee consistent quality from batch to batch and the necessary flexibility for short-term design and production of special tools according to customer requirements - whether for drilling, reaming, chamfering or milling.