DANOBATGROUP launches a more visual and dynamic website to convey its commitment to technology

DANOBATGROUP launches a more visual and dynamic website to convey its commitment to technology


With the aim of offering a more dynamic channel with a greater visual impact, DANOBATGROUP has launched its new corporate website, a portal that reflects the new reality of the group, its commitment to digitalisation and the ranges of its main brands, DANOBAT and SORALUCE, of advanced machines and solutions applied to highly demanding sectors such as aerospacial, energy generation and railway.

The new website seeks, through a fully responsive design with more usability and a better user experience, to be a window on the world of the industrial group and to bring customers and society as a whole closer to its commitment to innovation and the development of the advanced technologies it implements.

One of the innovations of the new portal is attaching greater importance to the contribution of partners through the Case Study section, which provides information on important projects and where it is frequently the customers themselves who talk about the results obtained and explain the solutions that we have worked on together.

The new digital ecosystem also reflects the capabilities of the company in the development of turnkey projects, from the initial approach to the installation, setup and start of production of the projects anywhere in the world, without forgetting the development and manufacturing phases.

Another differentiating factor of the portal is the detail of coverage of the solutions offered by the industrial group for each one of the sectors in which it specialises. People who navigate through the website will have the opportunity to find out, through specific applications and customer testimonials, the specific advantages that the machinery and the production systems contribute to the needs that are generated in fields as demanding as the automotive and energy sectors.

The aim of the website is to develop stronger links with the various DANOBATGROUP communities, but also to make its activity known through more direct access to the media by means of a large news and current affairs section.

Furthermore, the group wants to demonstrate its capacity as a driving force in the generation of quality employment and to place value on the opportunity to develop a solid career in any of its cooperatives.

In brief, it is a more accessible and informative channel with greater visual impact that seeks to effectively convey the corporate identity and activity carried out both by DANOBATGROUP and the member companies.