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DANOBATGROUP launches a more visual and dynamic website to convey its commitment to technology

With the aim of offering a more dynamic channel with a greater visual impact, DANOBATGROUP has launched its new corporate website, a portal that reflects the new reality of the group, its commitment to digitalisation and the ranges of its main brands, DANOBAT and SORALUCE, of advanced machines and solutions applied to highly demanding sectors such as aerospacialenergy generation and railway.

The new website seeks, through a fully responsive design with more usability and a better user experience, to be a window on the world of the industrial group and to bring customers and society as a whole closer to its commitment to innovation and the development of the advanced technologies it implements.

GOIMEK renews its website

GOIMEK, company integrated in DANOBATGROUP and a specialized in precision machining and large part machining, renews its website with a more attractive and modern design, which allows an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices. The new site is a responsive web that can be read on any computer, smartphone or tablet, allowing the customer to access the information anywhere and anytime.

The new website has detailed information about the services offered by GOIMEK, as well as its manufacturing resources, images and examples of machined parts and information about advanced machining processes for strategic parts for demanding sectors. 

SORALUCE thinks ahead to digital environments in milling, boring and turning

Inspired by innovation and with experience based on 55 years of history, SORALUCE is the worldwide leader in milling, boring and turning technologies. Innovation is at the forefront and many of the technologies that drive the machine tool sector have been pioneered by SORALUCE.

We live in a world in constant evolution. A world, where we are all expected to stand out. Greater production rates, higher accuracy, improved efficiency, enhanced performance, user-friendliness, ergonomics, safety and cost-effectiveness; all while reducing cycle times, downtime, consumption and emissions. This is the sort of progress that makes sense for SORALUCE.

DANOBAT builds the world’s most advanced automated train repair shop in Australia
  • The project was presented today at the headquarters of the Basque enterprise in a ceremony presided over by Arantxa Tapia, minister of Economic Development and Infrastructure of the Basque Government.
  • The manufacturer of machine tools and production systems has supplied a fully automatic digital solution for the leading mining company BHP Billiton, which repairs a freight wagon every 28 minutes.
  • The facility, located in the deserts of the Pilbara region of North Western Australia, strengthens the position of the Basque firm as the benchmark agent for the development of solutions within the new paradigm of digital manufacturing.
  • This workshop is part of the bid of the industrial group DANOBATGROUP, the holding company of DANOBAT, to develop high value-added systems based on the application of information and communication technologies.
DANOBAT has developed a high precision multi-disk cutting solution for the automotive, oil&gas and bearing manufacturing sectors
  • The machine-tool manufacturer has designed a high-output fully automated flexible system which can be adapted to clients´ needs.
  • The solution, developed for an iron and steel multinational company, facilitates cutting high added value steel tubes while minimising material waste.

DANOBAT, the machine-tool manufacturer, has developed a high-precision multi-disk cutting solution aimed at cutting high added value steel tubes used in strategic sectors such as oil&gas, automotive or bearing manufacturing.

Top level cylindrical grinding technology

Grinding is one of the most important methods used for the industrial forming of workpieces. Its advantages are the high precision of the pieces created and the excellent quality of surfaces. In addition, it is ideal for the machining of different materials, from steel for tools or plastics to materials of maximum hardness, like ceramic materials or diamonds. This likewise means that the machine tools used conform to particularly high precision requirements. In the sector, we usually joke about having to split the µ. We spoke to one of the leading manufacturers.

Talent for the Basque industry: from the classroom to the advanced manufacturing plant

•    The first promotion of specialists in advanced manufacturing machine tool projects formed at the DANOBATGROUP Assemblers Workshop School has been graduated.
•    The specialist students have completed the third year, a singular degree the industrial group offers to students who have completed higher vocational training at the educational centre of the company.
•    The course contents provides students with knowledge on the actual operation of manufacturing environments and the certificate given on completion facilitates access to the labour market.

DANOBATGROUP participates at the industrial employment forum WORKinn

DANOBATGROUP will participate in the WORKinn Employment Forum for the second year in a row. The event will be held on 7 and 8 June at the Bilbao Exhibition Center with the aim of strengthening links between leading industrial companies and professionals of the sector.

The Forum, which will take place in parallel to various exhibitions related to industrial manufacturing such as Addit 3D and Maintenance Bilbao, is a meeting place for new specialised talents in the various branches of engineering and manufacturing, but also has the mission to provide a place to boost the positioning of the private sector as the driving force in generating quality employment.

ANCA invest with a DANOBAT-OVERBECK grinding machine
  • ANCA invests with a DANOBAT-OVERBECK grinding machine in its machine shop capabilities to deliver the highest accuracy components for its cnc grinders.
  • A DANOBAT-OVERBECK ID-400L precision internal grinder has recently been installed in ANCA’s head office in Melbourne, Australia.

ANCA has made a significant investment in its machine shop at Melbourne, Australia to build its capabilities in process technology. A core strength of ANCA, the machine shop is a valuable centre of excellence for the company and the investment will boost the internal grinding and precision measurement capabilities.