DANOBATGROUP and IPF become part of CYRIL DATA SYSTEMS, in order to develop new solutions within the industry 4.0

DANOBATGROUP and IPF become part of CYRIL DATA SYSTEMS, in order to develop new solutions within the industry 4.0

  • The Basque group strengthens its position as a leading supplier of value-added services that complete its offer of turnkey machines and production lines.
  • The agreement entails the creation of an internationally available service package for machine monitoring and big data processing in manufacturing environments.

The collaboration agreement between the three companies makes it possible to bring together their capacities to be able to provide a set of tools that will continuously analyse the operational status of machines installed in any part of the world. The fact that machine are connected in the ´cloud´ will make it possible to collect a large amount of information, the analysis of which through the use of big data techniques will facilitate the anticipation and prevention of potential failures and will thus result in an improvement of the productivity of manufacturing systems and in the optimisation of the consumption of energy, coolants, tools, etc.

The Guipuzcoa industrial group, part of the MONDRAGON Corporation, is embarked on an ambitious project to offer all possibilities provided by implementing new information and communication technologies in manufacturing systems - also known as Industry 4.0 —. In addition to continue developing machinery for industries as demanding as the aeronautics, automotive, energy, railway, etc., we are working with companies from other sectors whose activity is complementary and allow us to offer comprehensive manufacturing solutions which have made us a business leader on an international level.

The collaboration agreement between DANOBATGROUPIPF and CYRIL represents an example of collaborative innovation: where the knowledge of a “young” company that has over 50 facilities worldwide, and a new solution in the capture and processing of information is added to the experience in the supply of machines with cutting edge technologies integrated and of turnkey handling and manufacturing lines.

More information about the qualities of the product:

  • Self-installing and auto-pull down system which uses its own communication protocols to ensure secure and reliable transmission.
  •  The variables and indicators to be registered on the platform are defined remotely.
  • The data sent from the connected devices to the machine are recorded and processed using BigData techniques to identify behavioural patterns, and thus to be able to optimize performance and consumption of manufacturing systems.


With over 60 years of history, the DANOBATGROUP is the first Spanish machine tool manufacturer and supplier of advanced manufacturing solutions. With close to 1,200 employees, DANOBAT invests more than 9% of its turnover in R&D&i activities, exports over 90% of its production, and is represented worldwide with a sales network and technical service in 11 countries.

About IPF:
IPF develops turnkey projects for the manufacturing industry of flexible polyurethane foam, and has developed management systems specific to this sector, but transferable to other areas of activity.

CYRIL DATA SYSTEMS offers technology and developments for monitoring systems and Big Data and has developed a series of advanced systems that connect one or more machines, regardless of their location, in order to constantly transmit information regarding their status. With all this information stored, it is impossible to predict the behaviour of the machines and optimize their availability and productivity.