DANOBAT showcases at AUSRAIL its focus on the development of advanced manufacturing and maintenance solutions for railway rolling stock components

DANOBAT showcases at AUSRAIL its focus on the development of advanced manufacturing and maintenance solutions for railway rolling stock components


DANOBAT will showcase at AUSRAIL PLUS 2017 in Stand 519, its latest solutions for the manufacturing and maintenance of rolling stock components - from wheels and axles, through wheelsets to bogies, offering stand-alone machines as well as complete automated turnkey lines – and in addition maintenance solutions for depots.

These solutions are specifically developed for companies in the railway industry that need state-of-the-art solutions, productivity and precision.

In addition, the company will avail of this opportunity to share its digital value proposition, composed of in-house technological developments based on industry 4.0 concepts with an aim in advancing the creation of intelligent manufacturing spaces, fitted with interconnected equipment and capable of autonomous operation.


DANOBAT Expert Solutions

DANOBAT range of solutions include

  • Production systems that include engineering projects, machine tools and automation solutions for both manufacturing and maintenance of wheelshops and manufacturing processes for rolling stock parts.

  • Our new complete depot solutions designed and developed to extend wheelset life by up to 25% and save on maintenance costs, including: a wheel profile measuring systems + rolling stock wheelset optimisation software + a new range of underfloor wheel lathes.


DANOBAT Digital: 4.0 technologies for the factories of the future

During the course of the exhibition, DANOBAT will also highlight its focus on industrial digitalisation, which is structured around an offer of intelligent developments using 4.0 technologies, with an aim to forge ahead in the automation of real manufacturing environments.

One of the digital developments is the Control System, a solution that coordinates the operations of equipment and machines working in the same workshop, enabling the control, monitoring and supervision of data in highly complex manufacturing lines. The Control System enables all the equipment and machines in operation at a production plant to carry out their activities in a smart, autonomous and safe way, with maximum efficiency.

DANOBAT has also incorporated in its machines the Smart HMI, a smart interface that offers assistance to the operator and enables information to be accessed regarding the status of the equipment and its operation.

Its digital offer also consists of a platform for the capture, storage and processing of data, the Data System, a development that allows real time monitoring of machine status. With this solution, users can view the status of equipment, anticipate failures and identify operation patterns in order to activate smart maintenance strategies.


DANOBAT Services

DANOBAT works in close collaboration with its customers in order to offer them technologically advanced solutions and a comprehensive service with the intention of becoming lifecycle partners.

DANOBAT offers high value added services, designed to provide intelligent machine management, incorporating technological advances that allow life cycles to be extended, improving maintenance strategies and optimising production with machine upgrades (retooling, gauge and control replacement, software and hardware upgrades) and production optimisation programs. It also offers engineering support to neutralise obsolescence, as well as services for maintaining customers equipment, offering spare part management and predictive / preventive and corrective maintenance services.


Technical presentation at Ausrail Conference

As well as showcasing its manufacturing and maintenance solutions at the exhibition, DANOBAT’s Railway Business Director Mr Jose Antonio Moreno will also participate in a technical presentation held on the 21st of November at 14:30 as part of the AUSRAIL 2017 conference. The technical presentation is titled “Highly automated railway wheelset maintenance workshop supported by simulation”.