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DANOBAT develops wireless cutting solution for large pieces of steel

DANOBAT develops wireless cutting solution for large pieces of steel
  • The company has designed a pioneering system for tool steel manufacturer Uddeholm
  • The solution includes a wireless power supply that can move up to 30 metres and work can be carried out safely without needing physical barriers or fences
  • This development, which saves a significant amount of space, is part of DANOBAT´s plan to manufacture a new range of high value-added industrial saws

Machine-tool manufacturer DANOBAT has developed a pioneering wireless cutting solution designed to cut large steel ingots used in high value-added sectors like automotive and energy generation.

The system has been developed for the Swedish plant owned by multinational company Uddeholm, a leading manufacturer of steel for industrial tools. The company was looking to increase productivity in its electro-slag remelting (ESR) line, which is a process that remelts and refines steel used to manufacture tools, moulds and applications for highly demanding industrial sectors.

One of the main challenges DANOBAT was facing was that the equipment had to meet the demanding production at Uddeholm and have enough capacity to section with great precision pieces that can weigh up to 40 tonnes, in extremely difficult conditions. The equipment also had to guarantee a high performance and capacity to cut various steel qualities and sizes.

The surface of the materials to be cut is covered with a film of rust that offers more resistance and also generates dust and residue, so these elements had to be taken into account when effectively designing the saw.

Wireless development

The most distinctive feature of this solution, however, is that it is equipped with a wireless power supply system that moves up to 30 metres inside the building, which means that it makes the most of the manufacturing environment in total safety and without having to install fences or barriers.

The power supply is in a wagon that is supplied by an induction system. The cables are hidden so the wagon does not need to use a cable chain and this gives it more freedom of movement to load and unload pieces in different parts of the facilities using cranes and other lifting systems.

The wagon is also equipped with fixing systems to carry out the process safely and without endangering the equipment´s most delicate parts.

A common path

It is not the first time that DANOBAT and Uddeholm work together. The Swedish company already used cutting solutions designed by DANOBAT in their facilities, equipped with advanced software that has met the company´s needs satisfactorily.

Uddeholm has been working in the metallurgical industry since the 17th century. The company belongs to the Austrian iron and steel multinational Voestalpine, has wide experience in the development of high-throughput steel development and is a world leader in this field.

It has subsidiaries and sales offices in around 100 countries, specialises in steel for hot and cold applications and for plastic moulds, and works with over 100,000 clients.