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The new LG- 1000 Grinding machine

The new LG- 1000 Grinding machine

The DANOBAT LG-1000 grinding machine is an extension of the range, becoming this way the largest model. This external and internal horizontal grinding machine, which also includes more features, is capable of grinding parts within a maximum between-centres distance of 1000 mm. Parts such as cams or eccentric diameters can also be machined on this grinding machine.

The LG range has been developed for the manufacture of highly complex parts such as cutting tools, hydraulic precision components and automotive parts.

Its natural granite bed ensures great thermal stability. The cooled electro-spindles on the wheel head produce a maximum peripheral wheel speed of 120 m/s that covers the range necessary for grinding with conventional abrasives with maximum torque. The axes are driven by means of CNC-controlled linear motors using glass scales for position control.

The grinding machine presented at the BIEMH is equipped with a CNC-controlled follow-up steady rest. This system guarantees an optimal roundness even for very slender parts.

Thanks to the B-axle multi-wheel configuration, both grinding with conventional abrasive wheels and with high speed grinding wheels is possible. The wide variety of wheel head set-ups provides the perfect solution for any process required by the client.

Requirements of completely automated manufacturing processes are fulfilled with customised automatic loading systems developed by DANOBAT, such as an integrated gantry or robot solutions.