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GOIMEK’s digital experience into the Gipuzkoa 4.0 Network for Advanced Manufacture

GOIMEK’s digital experience into the Gipuzkoa 4.0 Network for Advanced Manufacture

In recent years, there has been an increasing trend to include information and communication technologies into industry that is transforming manufacturing environments.

The connection of production equipment to capture real-time data on what is happening in the machine and in the machining process allows decisions to be made with a thorough knowledge of all the variables that affect the manufacturing process, and make it possible to progress towards increasingly intelligent factories and more efficient and flexible production systems.

The GOIMEK 4.0 initiative has been developed in this context, a digital industry project that has been selected by the Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa to form part of its Gipuzkoa 4.0 Network for Advanced Manufacturing.

By means of this strategy, the Provincial Government intends to create a network that will allow SMEs in the region to find out about successful experiences achieved by leading companies from Gipuzkoa in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

GOIMEK 4.0 is a project carried out under real work conditions and developed in the facilities of the cooperative, a company integrated into the DANOBATGROUP specialising in machining high value-added parts.

The first milestone was the sensorisation and monitoring of all the machines in order to be able to systematically collect machine data and thus improving the table of productive indicators of the  plant.

This initiative makes it possible for the captured information to be used to diagnose possible faults, carry out predictive maintenance and thus optimize machine availability.

The aim is to optimize efficiency in production management, optimize machining processes, increase equipment availability and reduce energy consumption.

The results of the GOIMEK 4.0 project will also allow the incorporation of many of the technologies that are being developed on machines manufactured by DANOBATGROUP, which will allow the results to be transferred to other machine tool users.

The project also involves an investment in human resources in order to incorporate the professional profiles that this new stage requires. Part of the various initiatives that are being carried out involve the creation of technological infrastructures designed to support and optimise the value proposition at DANOBATGROUP based on industrial digitalisation. It intends to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the growing incorporation of information and communication technologies in industry in order to optimise the performance and efficiency of the equipment and the improvement of the manufacturing processes.

The integration of GOIMEK’s industrial digitalisation experience in the Gipuzkoa 4.0 network programme for Advanced Manufacture is institutional recognition of the commitment to technological innovation that constitutes the DANOBATGROUP value proposition.