Las cooperativas Soraluce y Latz pertenecientes a DANOBATGROUP han obtenido el Certificado de Calidad en la Gestión Lingüística Bikain, Euskararen Kalitate Ziurtagiria

The DANOBATGROUP members Soraluce and Latz were awarded the Bikain quality certificate in language management


From the outset, DANOBATGROUP has been concerned with the the Basque language and culture. Amongst other, DANOBATGROUP has been and is running schemes to intensify the use of the Basque language at work to heighten employee motivation and to improve knowledge of Basque.

Since it was awarded to DANOBAT, all cooperatives have been working towards obtaining the Bikain certificate.

In 2015, SORALUCE and LATZ were subjected to the assessment process and they achieved the silver Bikain level.

In this assessment, the established unit of measure is the Standard Reference Framework (hereinafter SRF). These are the 4 axes of the SRF:

  • Communication and corporate image of the organisation
  • External communication
  • Internal communication
  • Language Management

The Bikain certificate has three levels: black, silver and gold. The maximum points are 1000 (compliance level of 100%):

  • Black Bikain: basic level minimum 200 points
  • Silver Bikain: medium level minimum 400 points
  • Gold Bikain: high level minimum 700 points

The Bikain Quality Certificate in Language Management is the result of cooperation between the Vice-Council of Language Policy of the Basque Government and the Basque Quality Foundation EUSKALIT - Advanced Management. The technical project management lies in the hands of the Technical Secretariat formed by technical staff of both organisations.

To date, 3 cooperatives of DANOBATGROUP are holders of the Bikain silver certificate, while the other member cooperatives are expected to obtain the certificate in the coming years.