DANOBAT DWPM for EUSKOTREN installed in Gernika

The DANOBAT DWPM wheel-profile measuring device for EUSKOTREN installed in Gernika


The DANOBAT train wheel profile measuring unit has been installed at the facilities of Euskotren in Gernika.

Thanks to this new measuring system, the Basque railway company has gained greater control over the condition of the wheels of their trains, thereby improving maintenance and safety in transport.

The system is capable of measuring various parameters simultaneously:

  • Flange Height
  • Flange Width
  • qR factor.
  • Rim Thickness
  •  Full Wheel Profile
  • Tread Hollow
  • Back to back Measurement
  • Wheel Diameter

The measuring device is equipped with cutting edge railway technology: high speed camera capable of taking 100 fps, the system is capable of providing the measuring result 120s after the last wheelset has passed, the measurements are reconstructed with a mathematical algorithm in 3 dimensions, ...

Furthermore, given the adverse climate conditions of the Basque coast, the robustness of this DANOBAT railway measuring system has been given the utmost importance. The unit is protected and isolated from the outside, and is capable of maintaining a constant temperature inside the triangulation unit in extreme weather conditions with temperatures below -20ºC. In addition, the whole structure is designed in such a way that it does not deform, even in adverse weather conditions, and that vibrations generated when the train passes are reduced significantly.

The straightforward and rapid installation of the DANOBAT machine took place in the month of October. There was no need for civil works or removing rails for installation in the railway maintenance complex.