Technology OPEN HOUSE day at our Excellence Centre in Shanghai

Technology OPEN HOUSE day at our Excellence Centre in Shanghai

  • Danobatgroup China Open House, held on 16th September 2020, attracted several customers, potential customers, dealers, brand partners, associations, universities and media to our Centre of Excellence in Shanghai.
  • SORALUCE and DANOBAT positioned as digital solution & intelligent manufacturing leading brands.
  • The open house was teamed up with the world’s top suppliers in the manufacturing sector SAINT-GOBAIN Abrasives and ZEISS   


On September 16, DANOBATGROUP celebrated Technology OPEN HOUSE day at the Danobatgroup China Centre of Excellence in Shanghai. The event event attracted nearly 100 guests to the site.

On the technology OPEN HOUSE day, smart manufacturing trend and customized digital transformation seminar was held. Member of the Intelligent Manufacturing Expert Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Mr.Xu Honghai, the chairman of the Shanghai Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Association, and director of the Institute of Modern Manufacturing, Tongji University Professor Zhang Weimin were invited to share the industry policy and innovative research updates with the guests. The Chairman Xu shared with more than 100 guests how to grasp the industry policy in the manufacturing industry under the trend of China "new infrastructure", and Professor Zhang Weimin prepared a turnkey platform on Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing factory research report.

On the seminar of morning section, Mr.Pan Mingjun, Technical Director of Saint-Gobain Abrasives China, and Wang Dong, Product Manager of Zeiss Industrial Measurement, shared the digital solutions of Saint-Gobain grinding and the intelligent quality solutions of Zeiss. In the afternoon, everyone visited SORALUCE Intelligent Milling Head Repair Center, ZEISS Greater China Customer Experience Center and Danuobatgroup Excellence Center. The guest had opportunity to walk closed to experienced SORALUCE intelligent components, multifunctional grinder DANOBAT-OVERBECK, DANOBAT digital grinding diagnosis and Saint-Gobain´s digital grinding wheel management program and the high-precision grinding machine DANOBAT LG grinding process for PCD tool.

VOGEL industrial media conducted a joint interview with Dr. Sun Weimin, general manager of Danobatgroup China, and Mrs.Tang Wei, general manager of Saint-Gobain Abrasives China. Talking about the original intention of organizing this event, Dr. Sun said that in the post-epidemic era of uncertain market conditions, in response to new technologies and changing market demands, manufacturing solutions tend to be advanced, complex and flexible. Only by establishing alliances with partners who have the same technical positioning and concepts and providing full life cycle services can we provide the best solution to meet customer needs. In response to the question of what new products and services to launch under the trend of digital manufacturing, Dr. Sun revealed to the media reporter that, based on the traditional advantages of customization, and with the support of innovative research and development from the European headquarters, Danobatgroup China will offer the overall solution of the humanized intelligent factory and the digital and intelligent upgrade of the customer´s existing equipment, to bring customers the latest experience.

"Shanghai Center of Excellence is one of the Group´s five major centers in the world. We will not only refer to the Group´s benchmarks to create a machine tool 4S center similar with that in Germany, but also build our own supporting supply chain based on China´s national conditions. At present, the Shanghai Center of Excellence provides: Workpiece trial cutting, Milling head repair and Bonded storage. We will continue to introduce different machine tools for display, to achieve the best customer experience!" Dr. Sun Weimin concluded.