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SORALUCE thinks ahead to digital environments in milling, boring and turning

SORALUCE thinks ahead to digital environments in milling, boring and turning

Inspired by innovation and with experience based on 55 years of history, SORALUCE is the worldwide leader in milling, boring and turning technologies. Innovation is at the forefront and many of the technologies that drive the machine tool sector have been pioneered by SORALUCE.

We live in a world in constant evolution. A world, where we are all expected to stand out. Greater production rates, higher accuracy, improved efficiency, enhanced performance, user-friendliness, ergonomics, safety and cost-effectiveness; all while reducing cycle times, downtime, consumption and emissions. This is the sort of progress that makes sense for SORALUCE.

With a strong commitment to technology, SORALUCE is the best partner, providing outstanding services and expert advice. It takes technology to the limits through constant evolution, to supply reliable solutions and a wide range of added value services. Innovation in SORALUCE moves beyond mere ideas, it becomes real and tangible in products and projects that set new standards in milling, boring and turning.

EMO 2017 is the platform chosen by SORALUCE to share the innovations that will shape the future. A future developed for and with customers while generating value.

Think digital – The future is digital

The new digital paradigm in manufacturing makes the interaction between machines, people and processes easier. SORALUCE takes its range of machinery and solutions to a new level of competitiveness, with high value-added services intended to increase the availability and productivity of the solutions that it offers. SORALUCE Digital is deployed in four main activities: Advanced HMI, Intelligent Components, Data System and Control System.
Data system
Using specific hardware and applying the latest Big Data and Cloud Computing technologies, SORALUCE Data System is a machine data-driven analytics tool that extracts valuable insights from the machine-generated data and that monitors its status and condition to ensure that the running performance of the machining process is as high as possible. SORALUCE Data System is a powerful tool to maximise uptime and manufacturing efficiency.

Advanced HMI
SORALUCE has developed a complete set of utilities on the HMI of the Heidenhain TNC 640 in order to achieve a user-friendly interface by means of softkeys, customised diagnosis masks, manufacturing cycles, dynamic collision monitoring and the advanced tool management. These utilities have been designed to ease frequent operations, to enable recovering procedures (indexing head, tool changer, pickup station) after machine interruptions, to empower diagnosis functions by personalised masks and to improve ergonomics.

Think innovate – the release of DAS+
SORALUCE presented worldwide during EMO 2015 its innovative patented DAS system (Dynamics Active Stabilizer). The DAS system increases the dynamic rigidity of the machine in real time, increasing the machining performance by up to 300 per cent. This reduces the classic regenerative effect of chatter while machining.

As an evolution of the DAS system, DAS+ includes new functionalities to be showcased at a world premiere during this EMO 2017, such as vibration level monitoring, detection of chatter and the new spindle speed tuning function. This new function monitors the machining process to reach the best cutting conditions to increase the stability of a particular operation. The machine becomes an assistant for the operator which can concentrate on maximising the use of the machine’s capabilities.

Think technology – automation, multitasking and large sizes

Automated solutions
SORALUCE tackles automation projects at all different levels, from a single machine with a simple pallet transfer control integrated in the CNC to a flexible machining cell composed of multiple machines with workpieces and tools feeding systems managed by an Industrial PC to support very complex management software.

Multitasking solutions
SORALUCE multitasking machines achieve the highest profitability in the machining of technically complex parts, including milling & turning in a single set-up. SORALUCE provides a full suit of multitasking capabilities by means of SORALUCE’s design of turning heads, tables and customer cycles, and the special multitasking head for multitasking operations, offering increased capability and functionality. In addition, SORALUCE will present at EMO 2017 a smart solution to break long chips that eases chip removal, thus reducing machine downtime and ensuring continuous production.

Large size solutions
SORALUCE presents the new SORALUCE PXG-W, a new gantry multitasking machine with precision and versatility at a large scale. It has a working volume of 1000 m3 and weighs 500 t.  The SORALUCE PXG-W is designed to maximise productivity through its ability to handle milling and turning operations in a single set-up. It provides the highest possible return in machining large workpieces with a high degree of technical complexity, and makes it possible to machine a range of shapes and sizes.

The machine features the latest technologies and solutions which are innovative in the large-sized machine segment such as Vertical Ram Balance system (VRB), Table Balance System (TBS) and the latest thermal compensation algorithms developed by SORALUCE.

Think tailored – taking customers to a new level of competitiveness

The new range of SORALUCE products, services and solutions prove the commitment of the company to staying close to the customer. SORALUCE’s technology is at the forefront of the required solution, and is adapted to meet the needs of each customer. A wide range of products, solutions and services that allow SORALUCE to supply from an individual machine to a complete manufacturing line that integrates turnkey machining solutions.
SORALUCE offers professional advice in machining engineering with a team of highly experienced engineers who evaluate the production and machining processes of our clients and provide solutions to optimise them, improving overall performance, achieving improvements in cycle times, increasing productivity, efficiency, profitability, etc.

SORALUCE, Setting new standards in milling, boring and turning

SORALUCE is the worldwide milling, boring and turning technology leader. Throughout its 55 years of history it has continuously made innovative and pioneering contributions in engineering that have become industry standards. Customers recognise SORALUCE for its expertise in milling, boring and turning solutions, always geared towards improving the customer’s efficiency and productivity, and for its technological capacity to customise each product based in the customer’s individual needs, likewise generating turn-key projects, designing and setting up complete lines according to the quality, efficiency and cost parameters required by the investor.
The European brand has extensive experience with over 2,500 machines sold, nearly half of them in Germany, a highly demanding market. It has also been determined that over the years, 80 per cent of customers have trusted in its products again.

SORALUCE is part of DANOBATGROUP, machine-tool division of MONDRAGON Corporation, one of the most important holdings in Europe. It has nine top-level manufacturing plants in Spain, Germany, the UK and the United States, an Excellence Centre in Germany, BIMATEC SORALUCE, and its own R+D centre with 120 engineers and 24 PhDs and more than 30 years of history. DANOBATGROUP provides one of the most complete and solid multi-technological offers on the market. In 2016 it achieved a turnover of 260 million euros with a workforce of 1300, enabling it to continue with a high investment in R&D&i, amounting to approximately 8 % of its turnover.