SORALUCE presents the new multitasking gantry type portal milling turning machine

SORALUCE presents the new multitasking gantry type portal milling turning machine


Machining large size components requires very specific skills and machines capable of ensuring maximum precision on heavy duty components, to guarantee the productivity and reliability demanded by this sector to compete on the market.

In addition to centesimal tolerances on large workpieces, which can weigh hundreds of tons, today, a machine dedicated to these types of components needs to be capable of dealing with extremely complex machining operations, reducing the number of workpiece set-ups as far as possible and likewise, cycle times and possible errors. The machine must respond to multitasking and versatility requirements as well to avoid different set-ups or moving the components to different machines.

In this context, SORALUCE has developed the new gantry multitasking milling turning center SORALUCE PXG-19000-W for the machining of large components.

The SORALUCE PXG-W milling boring center is a gantry multitasking machine with moving bridge, providing great versatility and productivity for big dimension component machining, providing:

  • High capacity machine with clearance between columns of 7250 mm and clearance under the bridge of 7320 mm
  • Multitasking: machine suitable for the most demanding jobs, able to switch from milling to turning working mode, without any difficulty
  • Working area adapted to customer´s requirements: floor plate of 12,000 x 6,000 mm and turning table of 6,000 mm diameter capable to turning workpieces with diameter up to 9,000 mm and 150 Tn
  • Structure calculated using CAE tools, providing the best balance between stiffness and internal damping capacity, as well as a remarkable dimensional stability
  • High spindle power and torque which, in combination with the full cast iron structure, ensure very high material removal rates
  • Customised milling and turning heads
  • High level of automation
  • Pendulum machining: allowing simultaneous machining operations and workpiece preparation.
  • Advanced SORALUCE Technology: DAS system, Accura Heads, SSV, Adaptive Control, etc.
  • Double operator platform, close to the machining area, optimizing productivity, allowing visual access to the machining area at all times and access to the workpiece.

Additionally, the machine has the latest SORALUCE technology developments with innovative functions and the required features for potential future needs:

  • The innovative DAS system consists of a device that can actively increase the dynamic rigidity of the machines, thus increasing cutting capability by up to 300% due to the reduction of the risk of chatter during the machining process. This system won the European Quality Innovation of the Year 2015 and Best of Industry 2015 awards
  • SSV system to vary the tool’s speed of rotation to reduce the risk of chatter, especially during boring and turning operations. It continuously variates the spindle speed to distort chatter regeneration, especially during turning and boring operations
  • Adaptive control providing automatic adjustment of the defined cutting parameters depending on the real machining situation
  • DHC, a self-calibration system that increases the head positioning precision at any point in space

The machine has been designed for the machining of prismatic parts in a single set-up and for different applications of mechanical engineering, energy, naval, mining and capital goods.

The presentation of the new machine SORALUCE PXG-W will take place in its facilities from January 30 to February 3.