SORALUCE Patents in the next Innobasque Tuesday


SORALUCE  will be taking part in the next “INNOBASQUE Tuesday´, dealing with patents this time as a tool for giving innovation value. “The Innobasque Tuesdays´, is an initiative where Innobasque invites innovation leaders to an open divulgative forum so Basque innovation becomes the centre of focus for everybody, organizations and media.

This time INNOBASQUE has organized a conference which will delve into the value of patents as an element favouring innovation from different prisms ranging from the industrial property agents to the companies improving its competitiveness benefitting from the patents. SORALUCE is in the latter so will be attending as one of the three companies invited to the event, to demonstrate how they have developed competitiveness improvement in their Milling and Boring Machines from developing patents. SORALUCE has among others the world patents for RAM BALANCE  and MODULAR QUILL , whose application has improved the machining results of the boring-milling machines particularly in large dimension applications . The RAM BALANCE is a dynamic ram compensation system guaranteeing geometric precision, i.e. straightness and parallelism of the ram stroke, in both the Y and Z traverse, being particularly beneficial when the machine is equipped with an automatic head change system. Furthermore, the MODULAR QUILL system interchanges quill exit fully automatically with the other milling heads. It means having all the quill and head exits necessary to machine the part. SORALUCE has carried out these technological developments which respond to their customers’ needs, giving value to the innovation made.