SORALUCE FXR machine cabinet

SORALUCE leads the most profitable and ergonomic machining solutions


The European brand has presented in EMO exhibition 2015 its commitment to provide solutions at the forefront of machining, including the worldwide launching of the innovative DAS system (Dynamics Active Stabilizer) and its new generation of machines with enhanced ergonomics and safety.

The speed, the high manufacturing volume and high precision are parameters always demanded in productive processes. Within these parameters, the adaption of the working area to operator’s needs is seldom taken into account, this being essential to guarantee the achievement of the objectives previously mentioned.

Aware that in order to achieve greater profitability in manufacturing, it is vital for the operator to have as many facilities as possible, SORALUCE has launched into the market a new generation of machines that have a more ergonomic working environment and maximum protection for the operator.

The European manufacturer has presented in the EMO of Milan two examples of its new concept of integral design, that have become one of the main attractions of the most important exhibition in this field in Europe. SORALUCE has displayed a travelling column milling-boring machine SORALUCE FXR with great dimensions and machining capacity, and a multitasking SORALUCE FMT machine that combines the best of milling and turning capabilities. Both with an innovative design focused on improving profitability and making more comfortable the work of the person who is going to operate it.

The two machines shown in the EMO are the result of the new designs, in which SORALUCE has incorporated important innovations. An example of that, is the new conception of the operator’s cabinet that has great improvements, such as better visibility and accessibility to the working area. It integrates now a new electrical elevation system which is more comfortable, safer, requires less maintenance and incorporates acoustic isolation among other upgrades.

By the hand of this new design concept , SORALUCE has introduced in its machines a great number of innovations aimed at not only to ease the operation and make them safer but also to simplify maintenance works and minimize downtimes, thereby increasing their productivity and profitability. Following it’s continuous improvement philosophy, in the last two years SORALUCE has focused its efforts on launching a new generation of machines that incorporate advances never seen in this field.

Innovative DAS system

The two machines shown in the EMO have the new DAS system (Dynamics Active Stabilizer), patent pending. This system is the result of the joint effort between SORALUCE and its research center, IK4-IDEKO and has been properly tested in BIMATEC-SORALUCE, Center of Excellence of the brand in Germany. This joint effort of R+D+i, in which user’s suggestions have been specially taken into account, has brought to life a system able to increase the dynamic rigidity of the machine in real time increasing the machining performance by up to 300 per cent. This reduces the classic regenerative effect of the chatter when machining. The DAS system improves milling capacity and surface finishing quality while reduces the risk of breaking tools, increasing tool life under extreme machining conditions.

This new development simply consolidates the reputation of SORALUCE as Home of Innovation, a company where innovation is born from and for the customers, keeping in mind their needs and developing technology that matches with their manufacturing challenges.

SORALUCE FXR, comfort, accessibility and safety

The operator’s platform incorporates a number of new features that improve the comfort while operating the machine.

It incorporates a complete workbench with a panel to hang drawings and any other required document for the production. The operator does not have to stand because there is a folding seat and does not have to bear the noise of machining because the cabinet has been soundproofed with an advance system. Apart from that, a sound system has been added. Those improvements have been completed with an upgrading of interior lighting and the possibility to incorporate air conditioning to the cabinet.

In addition, specific improvements have been made in order to facilitate the tasks and the interaction of those with the work area from the cabinet. It has a sliding door with a window that gives the possibility of manually unfold a balcony, allowing the operator’s approach to the head to check the tool or the component in any position of the vertical traverse. Visibility has been enhanced, expanding glass surface with its corresponding opening and safety system. It also has a support for special tools in the external platform and the illumination of the work area is guaranteed by two led spotlights integrated on the ceiling of the cabinet, which means more safety and durability of the system.

Apart from all these advantages SORALUCE has implemented other advances in the platform led to create a safer environment for the operator. Among them, it is possible to highlight the uncontrolled descent prevention system, the floor with special anti-slip paint that also minimizes the wear and tear and the thermo-shaped parts in the lower zone inside give warmth to the environment.

Maintenance is now easier because the intervention zones are more accessible and they have sliding shutters to avoid dismantling panels. The protection of the critic zones of the equipment has been improved and the overall performance of the machine has been optimized on the machine, which can be operated by the Heidenhain TNC 640, one of the most advanced CNC controls available in the market.

SORALUCE FMT, multifunction and total profitability

The SORALUCE FMT model is a multitasking center of great size. Its power and torque in the universal milling head and the full functionality on turning operations allow machining of very complex parts in a single set up. It is possible now to improve machining performance, this saving time and generating greater profitability for the user not only in serial production but also in unit production.


This machine has an innovative design based on a more flexible work area totally customizable according to each costumer´s particular specifications.

That way, they can choose between one or several work areas and also the incorporation of rotary or fixed tables.

This model has a complete splash guarding that allows great accessibility, thanks to its automatic door opening with full frontal and upside access to the work area and facilitates the collection of chip and cutting fluid. To offer better visibility it has great glass surface. Ease of operation, cleaning and safety for a guarding that can be completed with a smoke extraction system.

SORALUCE FMT exposed in the EMO incorporates an automatic robotic tool changer of 150 tools. It also has an automated loading and unloading system of the turning head, outside of the work area. This is attached to the main body of the milling head, what guarantees a great machining capacity during turning operation, always preserving the integrity of spindle bearings.

High performance services

This constant approach towards the customer’s needs results in an integral offer of services that enables to keep maximum productivity and profitability of SORALUCE’s machines during working life.

The European manufacturer has among its most demanded services, an offer of process studies focused on machining that incorporates the design and manufacture of fixtures, tool advice and selection, tool pre-setting and part measurement equipment.

In addition, SORALUCE provides the possibility to engage with the availability of the machine, offering as well different packages of preventive maintenance to protect the investment of the customer and special part management.

Finally, there is a wide selection of trainings available that includes courses about the machine setup and maintenance, different levels of NC programming and any special training that the customer may require.

Wide experience

During the last edition of the EMO, SORALUCE has held life demonstrations of its new range of machines, several hundreds of people have attended. This has been the eleventh time in which the manufacturer has been present in the exhibition. It has always stood out for its focused solutions on reliability and profitability.

The European brand has extensive experience with more than 2.500 machines sold. Nearly half of them in Germany, a very demanding market. It has also been determined that over the years, 80 per cent of costumers have trusted its products again.

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