LATZ cutting tools essential for Walter Maringer Ges.m.b.H.

LATZ cutting tools essential for Walter Maringer Ges.m.b.H., one of the leading Austrian suppliers for all sorts of cutting tools, abrasives and machines. The CEO of Walter Maringer Ges.m.b.H. started his enterprise in 1983 only with the help of his spouse Gudrun. He encountered the challenge of working the all Austrian market with cutting tools and abrasives successfully and is nowadays managing director of one of the leading Austrian suppliers for all sorts of cutting tools, abrasives and machines. A team of 30 employees, of which 10 visit end users all over Austria, helps him complying with the challenges coming from high-tech companies and their demanding requirements. The headquarters consist of a large exhibition and training room, 660 m² ofice space and, last, but not least, 900 m² storage. Most of his customers manufacture automotive, aerospace and general engineering parts in serial production and depend on a 100% reliability of the tools they are using. Rapid growth made the careful selection of long term strategic partners a priority. About 3 years ago, Walter Maringer Ges.m.b.H. started cooperating with LATZ Cutting Tools on a very basic level. Hence, LATZ Cutting Tools, being well-known for their high precision, reliability and cutting edge technology has become an essential partner in a very short period of time. The company has a long track record designing, producing and commercializing standard and special HSS and carbide cutting tools for the main industrial sectors . Walter Maringer: “LATZ is our main supplier for highperformance cutting tools and has never failed us with any of the aspects, our partners need to comply with for the needs of our demanding market. We serve high-performance twist drills made of HSS-Co and solid carbide, with and without internal coolant to customers from all important industrial areas in Austria and only get positive feedback. Performance wise we have absolutely no problems to compete against the best European manufacturers of cutting tools. For us – and our market – LATZ is a prime manufacturer and one of our most reliable partners. I see a promising future for a long-term relationship. The state-of-the-art production facilities of LATZ and the quality controls guarantee consistent quality from batch to batch and the necessary lexibility for short-term design and production of special tools according to customer requirements - whether for drilling, reaming, chamfering or milling. As Mr. Walter Maringer, Chief Executive Officer, said, “The very demanding requirements of our customers make it essential, that we work only with the best and reliable partners in our area of activity. The quality of their products must be first choice. As I feel personally responsible for the perfect functioning of our customers’ production, the quality is only one aspect of our suppliers. Communication, response time, availability, logistics and price-performance-ratio are the other aspects, which are crucial in the selection of our business partners.'