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Goimek´s five key points in precision machining solutions

Goimek´s five key points in precision machining solutions
  • Experience, adaptability, comprehensive responsiveness, machinery and the human element are key to answer the demanding requirements of the aerospace industry
  • The company, which is part of the Danobatgroup industrial group, provides a comprehensive service to clients: from technical cooperation, to precision machining, to warranty certification

Goimek, a company which is part of the Danobatgroup industrial group, are specialists in precision machining of parts in all sizes and geometries for the aerospace industry. High quality, precision and service are the three fundamental axes that have guided its daily work for over 50 years, with the aim of always adapting to clients´ requirements and seeking their satisfaction. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions click here.

Goimek has become one of the leading companies in precision machining. These are the five keys to its success:

1. Experience

A demanding industry such as aerospace requires solutions in line with its rigorous technical demands. Goimek has been providing comprehensive solutions to this industry for more than 30 years, an experience that has given it a deep and precise knowledge of its special requirements and standards.

2. Adaptability

In an industry as technical as this, adaptability must be exceptional, in order to adjust to the requirements of each project at any time. Its structure ensures that it can respond with extreme agility to any required change, without losing the traceability of all processes. Responsiveness and flexibility to offer the best service. Are you looking for a customised service? Contact us.

3. Comprehensive solution

It is important that the response given is comprehensive. Goimek accompanies its clients from the beginning of the project to the verification and certification. This is how it works:

a. Technical cooperation during the design phase: Supporting clients to optimise the manufacturability of their designs and thus find the most efficient and competitive solution.

b. Concurrent engineering: The main guarantee is the know-how in precision machining cultivated in several high demand sectors.

c. Materials purchase management: Goimek´s team is in charge of managing the purchase of the required materials. Materials such as titanium, nickel alloys, stainless steel, aluminium...

d. Machining according to client specifications and technical requirements: Turning ideas into tangible solutions. Based on clients´ diagrams, Goimek provides a service according to the requirements of each project and product.

e. Thermal and surface treatments: As part of its comprehensive service, it manages thermal and surface treatments (Alodine 1200, Surtec 650, anodizing, Gold plate, Astroblack, etc.).

f. Verification service: Thanks to their metrology team, they are able to rigorously control each machining phase. This team of qualified workers is responsible for the necessary checks and measurements. In preferential collaboration with Zeiss, it offers a wide range of possibilities.

g. Warranty certification: In line with its commitment to excellence, 10% of the staff belongs to the quality department, a truly high percentage for a machining company.

4. Machinery

The manufacturing means are a fundamental factor in the choice of a machining company. Goimek has specialised machinery for each operation and material. They have the latest technology in precision machinery: multifunction and mobile column milling machines, 4 and 5 axes machining centres, spot welders-boring machines, bridge type milling machine, as well as flat, cylindrical and coordinate grinding machines.

5. Team

Personnel fully involved in each project are essential to ensure that the final solution meets the client´s requirements. The highly qualified team, which is constantly trained, is made up of high-level process engineers, metrologists and machining technicians, among others.

If you are looking for a precision machining service that meets your technical requirements and deadlines, that is also flexible and agile, counts on us. Click here if you have any questions!