FAGOR ARRASATE trusts SORALUCE to optimise its production process

SORALUCE has supplied FAGOR ARRASATE with a large-sized FX-20000 milling-boring machine for its Mondragón plant.  Fagor arrasate is a world specialist in the design, manufacture and supply of metalforming machine tools. Today, FAGOR ARRASATE is the world’s top manufacturer of metalforming machine tools as regards product portfolio, and one of the top three manufacturers as regards turnover. It specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of presses and stamping systems, metal coil processing and cutting lines and special systems for complex sheet metal part forming. FAGOR ARRASATE has six plants worldwide and presence in all the markets, selling its products in seventy different countries. Practically all the major manufacturers of vehicles, stamped parts, coils and steel or aluminium blanks, household appliances, metal furniture, forged parts and electrical laminates use FAGOR equipment. Currently in the process of optimising its mechanical press manufacturing process, FAGOR ARRASATE has trusted in SORALUCE to supply a state-of-the-art model FX-20000 travelling column milling-boring machine. FAGOR ARRASATE’s significant increase in sales and the market trend to manufacture mechanical presses in increasingly larger sizes and with faster speeds has aided the firm’s decision to acquire this large machine, which will increase their machining capacity. This is a core machine for their production process, as it will be used for machining strategic press parts with critical tolerances and production deadlines and for which it is extremely difficult to find an external solution, due to their large size. The FX-20000 milling-boring machine will machine components for the main press structure, particularly heads, slides and beds with weights of up to 180 tons. These parts are very complex and have highly demanding geometrical requirements. SORALUCE has provided a totally customised solution, adapted to FAGOR ARRASATE’s needs: a floor type milling-boring machine with a longitudinal traverse of 20000 mm,  vertical traverse of 4800 mm and vertical traverse of 1900 mm, equipped with a 5000 x 3500 mm travelling rotary table for parts of up to 150 tons. The machine has a modular quill 200 mm in diameter with 1200 mm travel for machining press head holes in a single clamping process, fulfilling concentricity requirements for optimum press geometry and an excellent final product. The quill also has a high stock removal capacity, with powers of up to 88 kW and torque of 10800 Nm. Additionally, the machine has a 2.5º x 2.5º universal head of 46 kW at 2000 rpm, with a torque of 1530 Nm, specially designed to perform complex press base machining in difficult-to-access areas. FAGOR ARRASATE has opted for a cutting-edge solution fully adapted to its needs. The company has also trusted  SORALUCE to provide machining advice at the start of the production process , with the aid of a machining expert from SORALUCE’s applications department.