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Danobatgroup first appearance at the CIIE: Building Smart Factories, Empowering China´s New Infrastructure

Danobatgroup first appearance at the CIIE: Building Smart Factories, Empowering China´s New Infrastructure
  • From November 5th to 10th, the 2020 China International Import Expo (CIIE) was successfully held in Shanghai. Danobatgroup joined hands with 5 well-known intelligent equipment companies from MONDRAGON corporation, to form a group to participate in this annual global event to showcase intelligent digital industrial equipment.

MONDRAGON Corporation is a member of the board of directors of the Sino-Western Foundation, and plays a very important role in the promotion of economic development between China and Spain. During the exhibition the stand of MONDRAGON exhibited the latest developments of advanced manufacturing solutions of Danobat and Soraluce brands, Fagor Automation machine automation and control solutions, Fagor Arrasate sheet metal working equipment, Loramendi & AK global foundry solutions, Urola advanced solutions for the packaging manufacture with blow moulding technology and Mondragon Assembly automation and assembly solutions. These companies have world-renowned brand products, technology is in a leading position in the industry, and have been cultivated in the Chinese market for many years, and have a good reputation and customer base. "As a major intelligent equipment company under the Mondragon Corporation, Danobatgroup must participate in such an important exhibition," said Dr. Sun Weimin, general manager of Danobatgroup China. This is the first time Danobatgroup participated in the China International Import Expo, and promoted our new smart factory with intelligent manufacturing solution for China in the technical equipment exhibition area.


China´s manufacturing industry is in a stage of upgrading and transformation. Chinese companies have increasingly higher requirements for technology. In the face of a complex market environment, not only high technology is needed, but also a full range of cooperation. Dr.Sun said, “The Chinese market is very critical to us. If any company wants to develop globally, it would be unthinkable without China. It can be said that now is the time, and this is our opportunity.”

"For the first time we have made such a promise for the Chinese market: we can provide a brand new smart factory solution, or we can make an upgrade service based on the customer´s existing production mode. On the other hand, we not only have intelligent software and control system, as well as intelligent components, for example, in our boring and milling machining center, there are intelligent components that can be combined with software to avoid resonance frequency and reduce vibration amplitude. In foreign trials, this technology can improve production efficiency. An increase of 300% is very effective. We also hope that Chinese customers can experience the benefits of such technology."

Danobatgroup is part of MONDRAGON Corporation and it is Spain´s largest machine tool and intelligent manufacturing equipment company. It has two major brands, Danobat and Soraluce, serving the world´s top users in aviation, energy, oil & gas, railways, construction machinery, automotive and other industries. Settled in China in 1990, with an experienced local team, committed to bringing European advanced cutting-edge technology to China, and tailoring innovative overall solutions to the needs of local users.

Innovation is the driving force of Danobatgroup. According to Dr. Sun, 8% of annual turnover is spent on research and development. Founded in 2018, Danobatgroup´s Shanghai Center of Excellence presents the most advanced machine tools and digital technology demonstrations, provides machining testing, maintenance, development of new technologies and remote services. The spare parts warehouse can meet the needs of users at any time and provide Chinese customers with a full range of high value-added services . "Digitalization and intelligence are currently our strategic focus. In terms of intelligence and digitization, Danobatgroup acquired a company with six years of digitalization experience in 2016". 

The China Industrial Digital Transformation Committee established on CIIE 2020, which composed of the world´s top 500 companies and international industry leaders. Danobatgroup was recommended by the CIIE as one of the 30 member companies of the Industrial Digital Transformation Committee. "We are the only machine tool manufacturer among them. As an industry representative, we are honored to be able to shoulder this responsibility together with many Fortune Top 500 companies," said Dr.Sun. During the survey, we found that the digital age of Chinese industrial companies has come. Faced with the complicated external environment and economic situation, only by further accelerating the pace of digitization can companies consolidate their core competitiveness and maintain the resilience of their development in the face of many uncertainties; at the same time, they can use digitization to open up new markets and establish an ecosystem.

“During the development of China’s new infrastructure, we have seen that Chinese industrial companies have made technological breakthroughs in some areas, and many successful cases have emerged. At the same time, the digital transformation of Chinese industrial companies is also facing insufficient understanding, uneven development, and Challenges such as imperfect standards and systems, lack of talents, and lagging information security capabilities," Danobatgroup will continue to contribute its modest strength to the development of China´s energy industry and the digital transformation of the new infrastructure industry.