DANOBATGROUP, committed to dual education

DANOBATGROUP has collaborated for the second year in a row with the DANOBAT was the first cooperative in the group to join the initiative last year, with five students. As a matter of fact, the group has broad experience in this kind of training programmes in Germany, since two of its subsidiaries, Bimatec-Soraluce and Overbeck, have been participating in them for several years with great success. Training is aimed at optimising recruitment processes, reducing the time it takes newly recruited staff to perform their tasks independently while sharing essential technical and practical knowledge with them, training them in the fundamental values of the organisation and enhancing their competencies for internationalisation. The training programme consists of a two-year employment contract by virtue of which students get tutoring and exclusive guidance from experts. Syllabus contents are both theoretical and practical, but technical in either case. They include languages and communication; corporate mission, vision and values; motivation; cleanliness and tidiness, punctuality and the 5S workplace organisation method; self-initiative; assembly, polish and adjustment skills; auxiliary machining, alignment and check-up, among others. The programme consists of the following stages: First of all, three-month full school training. Then, selection of the best students for dual education. In the following semester, students have three days in school and two at the workplace, followed by a full month of company training and a one-month holiday. After the holidays, there are four more months of the same school-company training. In the first six months of second year, students spend three days a week in the company and two at school. When they complete this period, they get their diplomas. This is followed by another full month in the company and another one-month holiday. After the break, they enter a four-month company internship, which can be completed abroad. Producing skilled workers is part of DANOBATGROUP’s Strategic Plan 2013-2016, with the aim of achieving a successfully smooth generational turnover, encouraging the development of new recruitment, selection and insertion strategies, and boosting structured talent development.