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DANOBATGROUP collaborates in the training for the TECNUN Industrial Engineering Masters

DANOBATGROUP collaborates in the training for the TECNUN Industrial Engineering Masters

DANOBATGROUP has awarded the prize for the best conceptual design and precision engineering project to the students of the TECNUN Industrial Engineering Masters course.  The project involved taking on a practical challenge by the 33 students, who had the opportunity to develop their knowledge and put it into practice. The project was of technological value for the Machine-Tool sector within the area of Design and Precision Engineering of a grinder.

This activity is included within the collaboration framework signed between DANOBATGROUP and TECNUN last December, through which theoretical training is combined with projects and experiences in a real environment as the final objective.  University and company go hand-in-hand to demonstrate to future engineers the activities developed in the area of Research and Industry.  They are informed of the need of a high qualification and other necessary competencies to participate in and successfully meet the new future challenges within the machine tool sector.

Apart from taking on the challenge itself, the participants visited the DANOBATGROUP facilities and its IK4-Ideko Research Technology Centre, they got to know the most cutting-edge products and technologies in the sector, as well as the real environment where the doors are opened to a solid professional career in the sector. The combination of the qualification, experience and knowledge of the professionals at DANOBATGROUP and IK4-Ideko has made theoretical-practical training possible in the field of automated manufacturing systems, industrial robotics and Design and Precision Engineering with the subsequent setting of a technological challenge to attempt.

The keys to completing the project were the ability to work in a team, inventiveness, analysis and development capability, the execution and resolution of the problems presented by the product, and the subsequent presentation and advocacy of the project before a tribunal made up of teachers from the TECNUN University and the DANOBATGROUP and IK4-IDEKO professionals.