DANOBATGROUP and the Basque Government intensify their collaboration

DANOBATGROUP and the Basque Government intensify their collaboration


The introduction of digital technologies in industry and the search for new formulas that increase the efficiency of production processes results in the demand for new increasingly qualified professional profiles with the ability to respond to the major changes being experienced by the industry.

In this context, the Basque Government and the machine tool manufacturer DANOBATGROUP have signed a protocol that seeks to establish a joint working framework to promote Dual Vocational Training (VT) projects, an educational model that is characterised by the combination of a solid theoretical programme with practical experience in real production environments.
The agreement, which has been initialled today by the President of the Basque Government, Iñigo Urkullu, and the managing director of DANOBATGROUP, Pello Rodríguez, also considers working on the creation of new specialisation profiles that respond to the needs of industry.

The agreement, signed at a ceremony held at the President´s Office, also envisages that the Vice Council for Vocational Training of the Basque Government will support the development of the regulatory framework that will facilitate the implementation of the training programmes that are appropriate to the reality of an industry in constant evolution.

This agreement is a further step forward in the existing understanding between DANOBATGROUP and the Basque institutions, which collaborate jointly in order to strengthen the links between the academic community and the labour market,  as well as boost vocational training, promote training of talent and foster the competitiveness of industry.

A history of commitment with Dual Vocational Training

The protocol agreed with the Basque government is a new advance in the commitment to the training of human capital and the quality Vocational Training provided by the DANOBATGROUP.

Currently, the Basque manufacturer has its own training centre at its facilities, the Assembly Technician Workshop School. This is a strategic educational project for the company and for the development of Basque industry, which offers a Dual Vocational Training.

It has been implemented at the industrial group´s facilities in Elgoibar after the success achieved in Germany, where the company has already developed this model at its facilities in Germany - the Workshop School offers a High Level Training Course in Mechatronics.

But, furthermore, the DANOBATGROUP project incorporates a third additional academic year that allows the students to obtain the certificate of Specialisation in Development of Advanced Manufacture Machine Tool  Projects, a qualification approved by the Basque government.

The essential characteristic of this qualification is the combination of theoretical learning with practical experience in a real manufacturing environment. Training takes three years in which a theoretical training is combined with practical experience both in the Basque country and other plants of the group abroad.

DANOBATGROUP and the Basque Government intensify their collaboration to enhance company focussed Vocational Training