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Danobatgroup and Mondragon Higher Polytechnic School give new impetus to professional development in advanced manufacturing

Danobatgroup and Mondragon Higher Polytechnic School give new impetus to professional development in advanced manufacturing
  • The industrial group becomes a collaborating partner of the faculty to continue working to nurture young talent and address future challenges

The industrial group Danobatgroup and the Mondragon Higher Polytechnic School consolidate their relationship with a collaboration agreement to continue promoting professional development in the advanced manufacturing sector. 

Through the agreement, Danobatgroup becomes a partner of the engineering faculty, further strengthening their long-standing, strong relationship. 

Iker Usabiaga, Danobatgroup's Director of Social Management, and Carlos García, General Coordinator of the Mondragon Higher Polytechnic School, have announced the terms of the agreement at the faculty's campus in Arrasate (Gipuzkoa).

"This agreement marks another milestone in our fruitful collaboration with both Mondragon University and the Polytechnic School for many years," said Iker Usabiaga, Director of Social Management at Danobatgroup, during the signing ceremony. 

Since 2010, this link between the Danobatgroup and the university has provided around 400 students from Mondragon University the opportunity to learn about the world of machine tools and industry in general through different dual training programmes, and to write their final degree and master's degree projects in the different cooperatives of the industrial group, such as Soraluce, Danobat, Goimek and Ideko

The latest agreement signed by both parties underscores the mutual dedication to sustaining this collaboration for the benefit of students over time. In reaffirming their commitment, the group aims to reinforce its ties with local schools and universities, recognising them as indispensable allies in confronting present and future challenges.

"This agreement not only highlights the excellent collaboration between Mondragon University and Danobatgroup but also sets the stage for its enhancement and future expansion. With this move, Danobatgroup assumes a seat within the governance structure of Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa, enabling direct involvement in shaping our strategic vision and priority-setting, at a time when technological knowledge and trained talent are more than ever the key levers for competitiveness", says Carlos García. 

About Danobatgroup

With 70 years of experience in the field of technologies applied to industrial manufacturing, Danobatgroup boasts a workforce of more than 1,400 highly skilled professionals. The group is an international benchmark in the sector of machine tools and technologies applied to industrial manufacturing.