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Danobatgroup allocates €600,000 to its social cooperation programme "Elkarrekin Eragin"

Danobatgroup allocates €600,000 to its social cooperation programme "Elkarrekin Eragin"
  • Under the initiative, the industrial group will support the projects of the following organisations for the next three years: the Spanish Association Against Cancer, Elhuyar and the Autism Association of Gipuzkoa.
  • The program is one of many initiatives within Danobatgroup's efforts to promote social welfare and the sustainable development of its surroundings.


The industrial group Danobatgroup fosters a deep-rooted commitment to the local community, manifested in ongoing investment in social welfare and sustainable development. In the last 3 years, the group has allocated more than €1,5 mbillion to more than 200 initiatives aimed at improving people's living conditions and promoting sustainable development.

An example of this philosophy is the Elkarrekin Eragin programme, promoted by Danobatgroup since 2018, where group employees suggest and choose cooperation projects with a positive impact on the local community.

Specifically, in this third edition, the group allocates €600,000 for the next three years to support social transformation projects put forward by the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), Elhuyar and the Autism Association of Gipuzkoa GAUTENA

These three entities will make an impact on society in the regions of Upper and Lower Deba, by providing support and accompaniment of cancer patients and their families, caring for the mental health of young people, and helping people with autism and their families.

New AECC headquarters

One of these projects is put forward by AECC, the Spanish association against cancer, and consists of setting up a new headquarters in Gipuzkoa, specifically in Arrasate, to offer comprehensive support and accompaniment to cancer patients and their families in the Upper Deba region, with a catchment area of more than 62,000 people in the towns of Antzuola, Bergara, Elgeta, Arrasate, Aretxabaleta, Ekoriatza, Leintz Gatzaga and Oñati.

Danobatgroup will allocate €200,000 to this initiative, which will provide essential psychology, social work and prevention services to both patients and families affected by cancer and the general public of Upper Deba. Specifically, this financial boost enables AECC to offer psychological support to 90 people, social care services for an additional 87 individuals, and health promotion actions in Upper Deba. These efforts benefit the entire community by promoting well-being and cancer prevention.

Mental health care of adolescents

The second project, promoted by Elhuyar and subsidised with €175,000 by Danobatgroup, aims to address the deterioration in mental health among adolescents. The latest figures show that some 10-20% of European youngsters suffer from mental health problems. Elhuyar’s project wishes to address and research the causes that have driven this trend. 

The solutions will be scientifically guided by specialised psychologists working with schools, parents, and associations, with the central voice and perspective belonging to young people.

The aim is to promote mental well-being from a holistic and community perspective, not just enhancing the psychological health of young people but also building up a better educational system and social network that supports a healthy environment for future generations.

Support of people with autism

Finally, Danobatgroup decided to continue to support the project run by GAUTENA "Support programmes for people with autism and their families in the region of Lower Deba”, which also received financial aid in the period 2021 - 2023 in the previous edition of the Elkarrekin Eragin programme. 

A project that took shape after the City Council of Elgoibar made the Convent of Santa Klara available free of charge to GAUTENA, so that, supported by the industrial group, they reformed and adapted the building over the last three years, and were able to attend nearly 80 people with autism and their families.

This new financial injection by Danobatgroup of €150,000, will help GAUTENA to take another step towards transforming the Santa Klara convent into a dynamic and accessible centre for the local community, converting the chapel into a multifunctional space to host activities such as neighbourhood meetings, talks and craft workshops, fostering integration and benefiting approximately 200 people.

The remaining money (€75,000) from the total allocated by Danobatgroup in this edition of Elkarrekin Eragin will be used to help the rest of the presented projects that have passed the first selection phase. 


Elkarrekin Eragin, an active participation programme

Elkarrekin Eragin, was conceived in 2018, and is here to stay! It has proven to be an excellent initiative to support social transformation projects through the active participation of the workers of Danobatgroup's cooperatives. 

In this edition, 41% of the people who make up the Danobatgroup organisation in the Basque Country took part in the selection process, evaluating a total of 28 project proposals submitted by the employees of the group.

In previous editions, more than €1 million was destined by the Elkarrekin Eragin programme to various initiatives aimed at the well-being of the local community , which included organisations such as Bizipoza, which works in the promotion of solidarity through audiovisual projects, the Walk on Project (WOP), focused on the development of new therapies against neurodegenerative diseases, and AECC and GAUTENA referred to above.  


About Danobatgroup

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