DANOBAT Sheet Metal installs new high productivity machines in Russia


The Sheet Metal Division of DANOBATGROUP, has installed a punching and shearing line and an automatic panel bender, both highly automatised, in the company PPO EVT, located at Penza, Russia.According to the words of the General Manager of PPO EVT, Mr. Vladimir Revunov, “this new technology will allow us to take both quantitative and qualitative leap in our production process´. DANOBAT Sheet Metal has installed in Russia two new machines in the company PPO EVT, located at Penza. PPO EVT is a leading Russian company dedicated to the manufacture of household kitchens, both electric and gas ones, and water heaters.

The installed machines are a punching and shearing combination machine model CUPRA, and an automatic panel bender model PG2600. These machines stand out for their high level of productivity and automation, thanks to the integrated loading and unloading automatic systems they include. In fact, according to words of the General Director of PPO EVT, Mr Vladimir Revunov, the automation and integration of processes obtained with these new machines will permit them to take both quantitative and qualitative leap in their production. CUPRA is a punching machine combined with a right angle shear, which integrates the processes of punching and cutting in a single machine, and has in addition automatic systems of loading and unloading. PG2600 machine is an automatic panel bender that also has automatic systems of loading and unloading, and stands out for its high productivity and flexibility in the bending process. With this new installation, DANOBAT continues with its policy of global expansion, appearing as a consolidated brand in the important and strategic market of Russia.