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DANOBAT equipment in the new factory of threaded pipes for the company “TUBOS REUNIDOS”

DANOBAT equipment in the new factory of threaded pipes for the company “TUBOS REUNIDOS”

The international company Tubos Reunidos has its new facility ready with DANOBAT machines for the manufacture of threaded pipes and hoses. The project is the result of the joint venture of Tubos Reunidos and Marubeni; the premises total some 31,500 square meters with, amongst others, a workshop where the DANOBAT machines manufacture the threaded pipes.

The new production line will manufacture highly technological pipes, specifically threaded pipes for drilling and production of oil and gas wells. DANOBAT machines finish off the pipes with patented PREMIUM threads, that provide superior performance compared to standard threads. ´They are perfectly suited for work on sites at 4,000 or 5,000 meters depth´, explains Carlos San Martín, director of technology and development of Tubos Reunidos Industrial.

Among other facilities, the line will have several horizontal DANOBAT TTB lathes for machining of pipes. One of the most important features of this machine is the rigidity, high production and extraordinary chip removal capacities during turning and threading operations. In addition, it is provided with load-unload systems, positioning channels and solutions with specific tools for turning pipes. To top it all off, the line will be equipped with DANOBAT band saws to cut the pipes, thus offering a high value-added comprehensive solution to Tubos Reunidos.

In the new factory, DANOBAT machinery will also produce the necessary special couplings to join the pipes in the well: the couplings. The company will have sophisticated DANOBAT lathes to machine the couplings, in addition to a robotised load-unload system thus obtaining a near fully automated production system with minimum operator intervention.