BIEMH 2014: SORALUCE FP-12000 floor type milling-boring centre

The FP milling boring centre is a multi-purpose milling- boring machine. Its rigid stable design provides the highest precision and productivity benefits when machining medium and large size components. The machine modular design offers remarkable versatility and can be equipped with a large number of optional accessories and wide range of milling-boring heads, enabling the machine to be adapted to customer’s needs with high efficiency and precision. It is the ideal solution for machining components belonging to sectors like: energy , shipbuilding and capital goods, ensuring the highest precision, productivity and reliability. The machine is 3200 mm vertical traverse and 1500 mm cross traverse and is equipped with orthogonal head swiveling at 1ºx1º, with 37 kW power. Furthermore, due to the travelling column concept of the machine, it can be equipped with several working stations thus enabling simultaneous machining and loading of different workpieces. The machine responds to multitasking and versatility requirements likewise the demand for finishing workpieces in a minimum number of set-ups.