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Bergen Light Rail orders a DANOBAT train shunt measuring system

Bergen Light Rail orders a DANOBAT train shunt measuring system

DANOBAT received a major order from Bergen Light Rail for the delivery of a train shunt measuring system.

The Bergen Light Rail between Bergen central station and Bergen Airport comprises a 20 km double track line between Bergen city centre in the north and Bergen Airport, Flesland in the south.

The project is part of the Bergen program for transportation, and the urban development and environmental plan, which is a joint effort to coordinate and prioritise public transport, environmental issues, construction of road, pedestrian and cycle paths over the twenty year period 2005 to 2025.

The workshop and depot at Kokstad shall be operational both for the Bergen – Flesland section and also for future extensions to the north and west of Bergen central station.

When fully built, the facility shall be capable of serving all trams, estimated to be over 50 trams of 42 metres.

The contract consists of a condition based maintenance system. The DANOBAT train shunt measuring system has been specifically designed and manufactured for the measuring of the electrical resistance between two wheels of each axle of the train.

The train shunt measuring system is installed on an isolated track, but without the need to replace the existing track, thus ensuring normal uninterrupted operation of  the train. This system can be installed in both locational cases, indoor and outdoor.

Some of the benefits of the DANOBAT solutions are reduced installation requirements, automatic data collection analysis, extreme weather conditions work environment, traceability of fleet, connectivity to other peripheral equipment, ...

Moreover, the client has developed a specific Health, Safety, and Environment Plan. This plan has been devised to ensure that the client´s obligations with regard to safeguarding health and safety and the working environment on the building site and Bergen Light Rail´s own requirements for the building project are fulfilled. The client has also prepared an environmental follow-up programme to safeguard environmental issues.

Apart from this, DANOBAT has a great range of condition based maintenance systems, such as the On-Track Wheel Profile Inspection System, Underfloor wheel lathe or Bogie Rotary Parts and Bearings Test Rig.