Open house in DANOBAT RAILWAY SYSTEMS March 2013

04-01-2013 - 04-01-2013
The railway division of DANOBATGROUP will hold an Open House during the month of March in its manufacturing plant located in Bergara. During the event the new development of the Dynamic Bogie Test Rig DANOBAT DTR-25 will be shown to manufacturers, maintainers, operators and other interested railway specialists. The DTR-25 is a machine designed to improve the control of the rotative parts of the bogie, providing a host of customer benefits and a significant reduction in costs.With the condition-based maintenance is able to reduce up to 50% of maintenance costs of each bogie. The machine integrates the SKF Multilog Imx custom on-line monitorization system helped by the @ptitude Asset Management System Software, also developed by SKF. It also specifies the life and incidents that may have the rotating parts of the bogie with early damage detection, eventually decreasing operational costs, decreasing vehicle stoping time and optimizing the life cycle of the rotating elements of the bogie. The Dynamic Test Rig allows to simulate a real condition of the train running on the track, inside the workshop, with their maximum loads per axle and up to 150 Km/h. The modularity of this machine provides different configurations depending on the parts to be maintained, from a complete train to individual wheelsets or complete bogie units. Flexibility is a characteristic point which has been taken into account in its design. The machine adapts to different gauges and wheel bases. Parameters that are verified in the Bogie Test Rig DTR-25.
  • Wheel
    • Out od roundness
  • Axlebox bearing
    • Temperature
    • Relative temperature in comparison with other
    • Vibration levels
  • Gearbox
    • Bearing temperature
    • Bearing Vibration Levels
    • Unbalance
    • Aligment
    • Shaft Deflection
    • Loose parts
    • Bearing Damage
    • Damaged gear wheel and resonances
  • Gearbox Oil
    • Oil temperature
    • Oil level
    • Oil condition
  • Traction motor
    • Bearing temperature
    • Bearing vibration levels
Anyone interested on the Dynamic Test Rig is welcome to the Open House. To confirm your visit or if you need for further details, please contact us: .