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Equipment for Bogie rotative elements condition monitoring

The Dynamic Bogie Test Rig for Maintenance based on Condition, model DTR-25, is critical for the tasks of verifying, repairing and delivering bogies in optimal conditions, and therefore ensure its perfect functioning and quality. The equipment allows, being the train in the workshop, simulate its movement on the rails at operation speeds of over 100 km/h, avoiding the need of such tests while circulating.

With this new concept of test rig, the savings in time are considerable and the user has the possibility to diagnose the situation of components that couldn't be tested with previous technologies, optimizing the maintenance of the train. The data and value capture system which is integrated in the Dynamic Bogie Test Rig is fully configurable, depending on the measurements that the user needs to test, and includes a standard execution which will capture and manage the values of the most usual components.

The equipment includes an advanced diagnosis technology developed by SKF.