02-05-2017 - 06-05-2017

DANOBAT-OVERBECK exhibits at the METPACK metal packaging show in Essen, Germany from May 2nd to 6th.

DANOBAT-OVERBECK manufactures grinders for the production and repair of a wide range of container tooling and exhibits at Metpack the IRD machine range, which implements a novel flexible and economical concept of manufacturing addressed to the whole range of tools for the cupper tooling and body maker, providing high reliability and productivity.

Granite base, direct driven axis, high speed spindles and other components from first line suppliers assure the quality and stability of the can production. The software allows a fast programming of the machine, guiding the operator through a visual menu. The non-round grinding, jig grinding, simulation, CAD-CAM machining module, and other software options can be used for specific applications.

The goal of DANOBAT-OVERBECK is to improve the quality of your tools and the working time of your can lines by means of high technology and tight customer-supplier relationship.