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  • DANOBATGROUP will open its doors in order to offer a unique opportunity to customers and other visitors to witness its latest developments and technologies on-site.

The DANOBATGROUP will develop its 2017 OPEN HOUSE from April 26th to 27th at its manufacturing plant in Herborn (Germany).

The 2017 OPEN HOUSE will offer the opportunity to show the technology behind DANOBAT-OVERBECK and DANOBAT machines, as well as new developments applied to its wide range of grinding machines. Some of these developments will be showcased in real machining conditions by the best specialists in these technologies.

Great success at the DANOBAT Humble Texas Showroom

Great success at the DANOBAT Humble Texas Showroom


DANOBAT has dedicated two-day open day to show live demostrations to their customers of the DANOBAT-OVERBECK IRD-400 High Precision Radius Grinding machine, as well as, announce the new re-control / rebuild program that the company is offering. The presentation responds to the demands of the market of high quality machines.

BIMATEC SORALUCE will celebrate the 24th BIMATEC SORALUCE OPEN HOUSE in their facilities

The BIMATEC-SORALUCE OPEN HOUSE is held annually since 1990, with the attendance of customers from all over Germany and German-East Europe plus the visits and collaboration of usual suppliers and other partners. …

Open house in DANOBAT RAILWAY SYSTEMS March 2013

The railway division of DANOBATGROUP will hold an Open House during the month of March in its manufacturing plant located in Bergara. During the event the new development of the Dynamic Bogie Test Rig DANOBAT DTR-25 will be shown to manufacturers, maintainers, operators and other interested railway…

BIMATEC-SORALUCE holds its INNOVATION DAYS 2012, coinciding this year with the opening of its New TECHNOLOGICAL CENTER facilities.

From 12 to 15 November 2012, BIMATEC-SORALUCE will be holding its annual INNOVATION DAYS, where the latest technological developments in milling and boring technology will be shown. This year the event will also coincide with the opening of its new TECHNOLOGICAL CENTER on 16th November. …

The new vertical lathe presented at the DANOBAT Technical Conference