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EUROTEK S.R.L purchases a DANOBAT large dimension laser cutting machine

EUROTEK S.R.L purchases a DANOBAT large dimension laser cutting machine


EUROTEK S.R.L., an Italian company located in the area of the Veneto has recently acquired a DANOBAT fiber laser cutting machinewith a working area of 2x6 m and 3 kW power. EUROTEK S.R.L. is mainly engaged in outsourcing, offering services as cutting, levelling, punching and bending. The company´s goal with the installation of this machine is to strengthen its position in its main industry, which is the manufacture of doors for industrial pavilions. According to the company, the acquisition of this new machinery will permit to increase the thicknesses and sheet sizes to work, and to have the possibility of cutting new materials such as brass or copper.

This order confirms DANOBAT commitment to the Italian market and its strategy of manufacturing custom-made and great dimensions machines, trying this way to meet the special requirements of each customer.

DANOBAT fiber laser cutting machine with automatic storage system

DANOBAT installs a fiber laser cutting machine with automation in Italy


The Sheet Metal division of DANOBAT has just installed in Italy an automatic fiber laser automatic cutting system of 1500 x 4000 mm in the company KAER INDUSTRIAL VENTILATION S.R.L., in the area of Pavia, near Milan.

KAER INDUSTRIAL VENTILATION SRL is a manufacturer of ventilation parts, suction and accessories for industrial kitchens, and with this new machine, it expects to strengthen its position in the market. The installed DANOBAT machine is a fiber laser cutting line, equipped with a 15 positions storage, loading and unloading automatic system. This automation of the laser cutting machine makes it a stand-alone system, which barely requires the intervention of the operator. The aim of sheet metal storage system is to save space, on one hand, and to be able to process different formats in queue without having to stop the machine, on the other.