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SORALUCE receives



The Vogel Convention Centre in Würzburg hosted the presentation of the renowned ‘Best of Industry Award’ for 2015. SORALUCE received the ‘Best of Industry Award’ for industrial products for 2015 in the metal cutting machine tools category. With the innovative DAS (Dynamics Active Stabiliser) created by SORALUCE’s R&D Department it is possible not only to increase the dynamic stability of machines but also to increase the chip removal capacity by up to 300%.

The DAS system breaks through physical limitations for the first time. It was developed thanks to a four-year cooperation project between SORALUCE and its IK4-IDEKO technology centre. Stringent practical trials were carried out on many different machining systems, based first and foremost on suggestions by users, e.g. in machinery construction, press heads, pole shoes for generators and the manufacture of large, high-strength components. In all these cases it proved possible to reduce machining time almost in half.