SORALUCE obtains the Eco-design certification


The company SORALUCE S.COOP, which specialises in the design, manufacture and commercialisation of milling-boring machines, has become the first company in the Machine Tool sector to gain certification for its Product Design and Development Process Management System in accordance with the UNE 150.301:2003 standard. This standard specifies the requirements to be applied during the design and development process for improvement of an organisation’s products and services through an environmental management system.

SORALUCE, an associate of DANOBATGROUP, which forms part of the MONDRAGON Corporation’s machine tool division, received the certificate from AENOR in July, acknowledging that the company’s management system includes the environmental variable in all its designs to obtain products with the lowest possible environmental impact throughout their life cycle. This methodology includes environmental criteria in the design of products and services and it therefore means a reduction in environmental impact, taking into account all stages of the life cycle. The products are designed to incorporate less environmentally-damaging materials and are manufactured using clean production technology, including environmental improvements in their distribution in order to reduce impact during their use and when their lifetime is complete. This working procedure has been successfully implemented within the company and applied to the development of the model TR milling machine, obtaining an environmental impact reduction of over 15%. The market launch of the new model TR took place at the AMB trade fair, held in Stuttgart from 28 September - 2 October 2010. It is another landmark in the company’s line of action, which has already enabled it to:

  • Become the first Spanish machine tool manufacturer to obtain the Silver Q for Management Quality model.
  • Be the first European milling machine manufacturer to obtain the ISO 9001 .
  • Obtain the OHSAS 18001 Certificate for occupational health and safety management.

In 2003 it was approved the UNE 150301 “Environmental management of the design and development process - Ecodesign´ standard, first certifiable standard on this matter, describing the requirements of ecodesign environmental management system, compatible with other systems like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The implantation of Ecodesign standard as part of the organization gives as a result that all the designed products incorporate some environmental improvement, contributing to the sustainable development of effective form.