SORALUCE KB-150-wr horizontal boring machine

World premier of SORALUCE KB-150-wr horizontal boring machine in Houston

19-06-2015 - 19-06-2015

The new SORALUCE KB-150-WR Horizontal Boring Machine for Oil & Gas industry will be showcased from 15 to 25 June  at AmTTech facilities -SORALUCE´s partner- in Houston, Texas.

The workshop will show the latest technologies applied in SORALUCE KB-150-w, such as the linear guiding system and hydrostatic damping system which improves machining efficiency. Live machining trials of different features will be executed in real working conditions to demonstrate enhanced precision, robustness, flexibility and automation, high performance and high dynamics.

Mr. Alejandro Martinez, Sectors and Applications Manager of SORALUCE said, “The Oil & Gas sector is facing new challenges, people and countries around the world require energy to fulfill their developments and growth. SORALUCE understands the challenge and delivers solutions supported by the experience. The new SORALUCE KB-150-RW integrates Oil & Gas specific tools and heads and offers machining solutions for key components from the upstream to the downstream”.

Jack Butts, president of Amttech said, “SORALUCE KB-150-WR is a T-Type machine that gives customers access to maximum efficiency for multi-face machining of large work pieces. This horizontal boring machine is a robust, precision solution that changes the game in milling and boring by providing an efficient and durable machine that can meet a wide assortment of machining requirements”.

Thanks to an in-depth knowledge on a wide range of machining processes and to its ability to provide highly adapted solutions to every customer’s single needs, SORALUCE pushes the boundaries of the traditional technology on manufacturing high technological components, providing state-of-the-art solutions setting new standards in optimized machining solutions for key components and customer needs. Intelligent solutions from a company committed to accompany its customers along their requirements.