SORALUCE holds its INNOVATION DAYS 2012, coinciding this year with its 50th ANNIVERSARY celebrations

17-04-2012 - 17-04-2012
On 25 and 26 April, SORALUCE will be holding its INNOVATION DAYS, a series of open days with a high milling and boring technology innovation content, at the SORALUCE facilities in Osintxu. This year the event will also coincide with the celebration of the cooperative’s 50th anniversary. Founded in 1962, SORALUCE is a leading company in the design and manufacture of Milling Machines, Milling-Boring Machines and Milling Centres with state-of-the-art technology and high productivity. The company belongs to DANOBATGROUP, the MONDRAGON Corporation’s machine tool division, one of the most important Spanish holdings. On the INNOVATION DAYS, visitors will be able to take a look at the facilities where the different models of milling-boring machines are assembled and also the New Advanced Head Manufacturing Centre, whose official opening will coincide with the event. This is a modern centre where the different models of SORALUCE heads and quills are manufactured, with latest generation ultra-precision installations where the design, machining, checking and running-in are done for SORALUCE’s wide range of heads and quills. The visit also includes an Innovation Tour, with a guided visit of the following new developments:
  • Live demonstration of different technologies developed by SORALUCE:
    • “Modular quill' .
    • “Ram Balance' system for compensating ram drop .
    • “Accura Head' head calibration.
  • Live machining trials:
    • New model F-MT multifunction centre: milling and turning of large-sized parts on a single machine.
    • High-speed milling machine with 5-axis interpolation.
    • Adaptive control.
    • Customis cycles.
  • Live show on new developments:
    • Part inspection/positioning by photogrammetry.
    • Active/passive damping system during machining.
  • Presentation of the latest machining experiences and turnkey projects for different industrial sectors.
  • Joint developments between SORALUCE and IK4-IDEKO research and development centre as part of different machine tool sector projects.
  • Complementary information on applied technologies.
  • Information on future developments.