SORALUCE, setting new standards in milling, boring and turning technologies

SORALUCE, setting new standards in milling, boring and turning technologies.

08-02-2016 - 08-02-2016

SORALUCE has been present at SAMUMETAL in Pordenone (Italy) with the new SORALUCE generation, that brings the customer important improvements in maintenance, ergonomics, high dynamics and safety in the work environment.

The new SORALUCE generation is based on a complete revision of the machine from the user’s point of view, focusing on the improvements of the operational efficiency based on the Total Machine concept. The Total Machine concept not only takes into account the machine but also the complete working area.

With this new design concept, SORALUCE has added to its equipment a large number of innovations, not only with the aim of easing the work and having a safer environment, but also to simplify maintenance and to minimise stoppage times, thus increasing the productivity and profitability of the machine.

SORALUCE offers a cutting-edge and modular product range in milling, boring and turning technologies, along with multitasking machines that perfectly combines milling and turning operations in a single machine, along with multiple automation options.

SORALUCE has developed the DAS (Dynamic Active Stabiliser) System as part of its Home of Innovation philosophy, which has been welcomed by its customers and thanks to which it received the Quality Innovation of the Year 2015 award in recognition of the advantages for the customer. It is a device capable of actively increasing the dynamic rigidity of the machine, which reduces the risk of chatter during the machining process and thus increases the cutting capacity by up to 300%.

In keeping with the Home of Innovation philosophy, SORALUCE is the only brand that develops innovation from three complementary angles: a central R&D&I department, an own research centre and a centre of excellence in Germany, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and from where the brand leads the German market and has won the trust of large and small customers alike.

SORALUCE always seeks to better benefit its customers by means of technological evolution and progress.  Over 2500 machines installed and satisfied customers with a loyalty rate of over 80% are our best endorsements.