DANOBATGROUP presents the latest developments of DANOBAT and SORALUCE at CIMT 2017 in Beijing

DANOBATGROUP presents the latest developments of DANOBAT and SORALUCE at CIMT 2017 in Beijing

17-04-2017 - 22-04-2017

Yet another year, DANOBATGROUP exhibited its products at the 15th edition of the CIMT exhibition in Beijing, the main machine tool trade fair held biannually in China.

This edition, DANOBATGROUP showcased the latest technology and solutions of DANOBAT and SORALUCE, particularly highlighting advanced machines featuring smart components (singular developments geared to obtaining enhanced accuracy and productivity in workpiece finishing); specialised solutions for the manufacture of high value-added components for the most demanding industrial sectors, as well as turnkey projects that span preliminary engineering work, the study of machining and inspection processes, technical specifications and supply of equipment, part conveying systems, as well as the installation and commissioning of a complete production line in any part of the world.

Part of the stand was reserved for a virtual reality space showing the latest and most innovative projects and developments for sectors such as the energy, automotive, railway, oil and gas sectors, as well as grinding solutions for small parts requiring high precision. Among many, especially noteworthy are the fully automated solution developed and implemented by DANOBAT for full maintenance and repair of mining wagons, the new DANOBAT LG-1000 grinding machine, a range developed for grinding slender parts requiring high precision, as well as the new multifunction SORALUCE PXG-W gantry machine for the machining of large components that features precision and versatility on a large scale, and the SORALUCE FX floor type milling-boring machine, a highly versatile floor type milling-boring machine providing the highest precision and productivity levels in machining large-sized parts, such as windmill hubs.



Railway solutions
The latest DANOBAT developments in equipment for railway maintenance workshops were also displayed with preventive and corrective maintenance solutions for a wide range of vehicles, such as for example high-speed trains, locomotives, commuter trains, trams and metros.

In this field, DANOBAT also displayed a comprehensive solution for the maintenance of rolling stock parts. This new solution consists of a measuring unit of train wheels, wheelset optimisation software and a new range of underfloor wheel lathes. The new development is especially geared to increasing the life-span of wheelsets by some 25% and decreasing maintenance costs.
Automotive solutions
The stand also had a space to showcase the latest developments for both individual machines and complete lines for machining parts for the automotive sector, with external and internal cylindrical grinding machines, centerless grinding machines and lathes for various applications such as crankshafts, camshafts, tulip joints, gearbox shafts, shafts for diesel injection pumps or steering rack components; all these developments meet the most stringent international approval regulations in the automotive sector.

DANOBAT has conquered important technological milestones such as the development of new grinding processes with high-speed CBN grinding wheels, which enhance productivity, flexibility and enable quick change overs, a much sought-after aspect in the sector.

Metal forming
In the field of metal forming, the new DANOBAT coil-fed laser cutting machine was presented. This concept is geared towards a significant saving of the material to be processed and a greater production output as a direct result from the reduced downtimes of the machine. This concerns a high-output machine combining the advantages of fibre technology applied to laser cutting (efficiency, speed, versatility, minimal maintenance, etc.), with the benefits arising from the use of metal coils (saving on the cost of the material of up to 15% and better use of the sheet). Furthermore, solutions for sheet metal applications were also on display: doors and metal furniture, lighting, utensils, knives and electrical cabinets, and more.


SORALUCE showed the latest developments in automation systems based on comprehensive and advanced solutions with palletizing systems specifically designed for prismatic or bulky parts, both for twinned and individual machines.

Besides, SORALUCE presented the new multitasking range, completely versatile solutions aimed at maximizing productivity capable of performing milling and turning operations on one single machine. These are heavy-duty machines in terms of workpiece size and performance, and incorporate the new range of SORALUCE milling and turning heads.

China has historically been a key market for the business group, where it has been present with a local team of 30 people since 1991. With more than 600 machines installed in the country, the experienced local team is aware of the specific needs of Chinese customers, and at the same time up to date with the cutting-edge European technology DANOBAT and SORALUCE use for their developments. This is the reason why DANOBATGROUP is able to offer its Chinese customers global technology with technical knowledge, service and local availability.