DANOBATGROUP exhibits its railways maintenance solutions at the AMERICAN PASSENGER ROLLING STOCK

17-03-2016 - 17-03-2016

DANOBATGROUP co-sponsors the American Passenger Rolling Stock 2016 congress that will be held in Washington D.C. from 16 to 17 March. This congress will be focused on implementing asset management and enhancing state of good repair to minimize cost, reduce downtime and increase reliability. Ander Azkarate, head of the department research and innovation for solutions in the railway sector, will explain the procedure the company follows when a new project for the railway sector is started and how the final delivery goes far beyond simply supplying a machine.

Below is a brief summary of the topics that Ander will present:  

  • Evaluation of the latest decision support software for Bogie & Wheelset fully automated maintenance plants.
  • Best practices and equipment for heavy Bogie & Wheelset maintenance operations.
  • How new CNC embedded algorithms can improve railway wheel reprofiling.
  • Learn how to use a dynamic train Bogie Test Rig for assessing the correct railway maintenance of the rotary parts and bearings of a bogie.