BIMATEC SORALUCE will celebrate the 24th BIMATEC SORALUCE OPEN HOUSE in their facilities

31-10-2013 - 31-10-2013
The BIMATEC-SORALUCE OPEN HOUSE is held annually since 1990, with the attendance of customers from all over Germany and German-East Europe plus the visits and collaboration of usual suppliers and other partners. Additionally, other applications will be shown among the pavilion, showing different applications of SORALUCE milling-boring machines and for strategic sectors such as energy, ship-building, earthmoving and general machining. Several live demos and machining trials will be executed during the exhibition days. As every year, the presence of BIMATEC SORALUCE technological partners will be also remarkable, such as: Heidenhain, Siemens, M&H, Vohlhaupter, Latz, etc.