Driving the Basque language

Danobatgroup has been raising special awareness about the Basque language and culture since its origins. Danobatgroup takes part in different initiatives which are pursued in the municipalities where its workshops are located, and also promotes such initiatives. Danobatgroup is currently setting Basque language plans in motion with a view to intensifying its use, encouraging the motivation of its workers and increasing their knowledge of it.

Certificate BIKAIN

The cooperatives of Danobatgroup have committed to the Quality Certificate Bikain, Basque language Quality Certificate for language management to measure the use of Basque in the cooperatives. Danobatgroup, Soraluce, Latz, Goimek and Ideko have already obtained the silver BIKAIN certificate, and Danobat the gold certificate.

Technical Basque Workshop Manual

Guide in Basque for machine tool assemblers, designers and workers.

Technical Basque Workshop Manual

Technical dictionary for machine tools

Open the dictionary and search for technical terms in Basque in the field of machine tools.



Representatives and managers of DANOBAT and GOIMEK received the BIKAIN certificate at an event presided over by Bingen Zupiria, Minister of Culture and Language Policy, and Miren Dobaran, Deputy Minister of Culture and Language Policy of the Basque Government on 13 December in the Euskalduna palace.

The companies of the industrial group DANOBATGROUP are firmly committed to increasing the use, normalisation and management of Basque. Evidence of this is the co-responsibility that they feel for Basque within their social commitment and the steps that they have taken over the last 20 years with the aim of increasing the use of Basque.


From the outset, DANOBATGROUP has been concerned with the the Basque language and culture. Amongst other, DANOBATGROUP has been and is running schemes to intensify the use of the Basque language at work to heighten employee motivation and to improve knowledge of Basque.

Since it was awarded to DANOBAT, all cooperatives have been working towards obtaining the Bikain certificate.


DANOBATGROUP and the cooperatives that make up the group have have joined the .EUS initiative acquiring the domain for all their websites.

.EUS Domain is the top level domain for the Basque Language and Culture Community. It was created in order to promote the basque language and culture and to provide the backbone to the Basque Language and Culture Community. Therefore, .EUS domain is a tool that holds euskara on the same level than other languages, that will help in the normalization of euskara and that provides an international recognition for the country of euskara.


The partner companies of DANOBATGROUP have in place since several years a scheme for use of Basque language at work; the resulting work is published and available to everybody. One of these publications is the dictionary, which has been updated and completed this year and which contains images and terms in Basque of the machine tool sector. The user can look up technical terms from Spanish to Basque and vice versa. Furthermore, it is possible to search images of several machines designed and manufactured by DANOBATGROUP: these images are accompanied by the relevant technical terms from the dictionary. The user can make suggestions to include terms in the dictionary.