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SORALUCE presents the new multitasking gantry type portal milling turning machine

SORALUCE presents the new multitasking gantry type portal milling turning machine


Machining large size components requires very specific skills and machines capable of ensuring maximum precision on heavy duty components, to guarantee the productivity and reliability demanded by this sector to compete on the market.

In addition to centesimal tolerances on large workpieces, which can weigh hundreds of tons, today, a machine dedicated to these types of components needs to be capable of dealing with extremely complex machining operations, reducing the number of workpiece set-ups as far as possible and likewise, cycle times and possible errors. The machine must respond to multitasking and versatility requirements as well to avoid different set-ups or moving the components to different machines.

DANOBATGROUP has updated and published its technical dictionary in Basque


The partner companies of DANOBATGROUP have in place since several years a scheme for use of Basque language at work; the resulting work is published and available to everybody. One of these publications is the dictionary, which has been updated and completed this year and which contains images and terms in Basque of the machine tool sector. The user can look up technical terms from Spanish to Basque and vice versa. Furthermore, it is possible to search images of several machines designed and manufactured by DANOBATGROUP: these images are accompanied by the relevant technical terms from the dictionary. The user can make suggestions to include terms in the dictionary.