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DANOBATGROUP´s commitment to the digital industry presented at the Congress of Advanced Manufacturing and Machine Tools

DANOBATGROUP´s commitment to the digital industry presented at the Congress of Advanced Manufacturing and Machine Tools


The manufacturer of machine tools and advanced production systems DANOBATGROUP made an outstanding appearance on the first day of the Congress of Advanced Manufacturing and Machine Tools, which is being held these days in the Gipuzkoa Science and Technology Park.

The event, which started today and will last until Friday, seeks to disseminate trends in the advanced manufacturing sector and this year the emphasis lies on the digitalization of production processes.

DANOBATGROUP participates at the industrial employment forum WORKinn

DANOBATGROUP participates at the industrial employment forum WORKinn


DANOBATGROUP will participate in the WORKinn Employment Forum for the second year in a row. The event will be held on 7 and 8 June at the Bilbao Exhibition Center with the aim of strengthening links between leading industrial companies and professionals of the sector.

The Forum, which will take place in parallel to various exhibitions related to industrial manufacturing such as Addit 3D and Maintenance Bilbao, is a meeting place for new specialised talents in the various branches of engineering and manufacturing, but also has the mission to provide a place to boost the positioning of the private sector as the driving force in generating quality employment.

DANOBATGROUP awards the prize to the TECNUN best work

DANOBATGROUP awards the prize to the TECNUN best work for bringing the university and company closer together


With the aim of developing closer links between academia and the business world, the machine tool manufacturer DANOBATGROUP has recognised like the best industrial development project on “Turning of pipes and couplings in a machining environment” carried out by the students of the TECNUN (the University of Navarra Higher School of Engineering) Industrial Engineering Masters course.

This prize falls within the collaboration agreement framework signed by DANOBATGROUP and TECNUN in December 2015. The aim of this agreement is to promote the involvement of students in the professional world and offer them the opportunity to develop and transfer the knowledge acquired in the classroom to real industrial manufacturing environments.

SORALUCE participates in a European initiative to advance the development

SORALUCE participates in a European initiative to advance the development


Innovation is at the forefront of what SORALUCE does and many of the technologies that drive the machine tool sector are pioneered by SORALUCE.

In this context and coordinated by its technological partner IK4-IDEKO, SORALUCE participates in the COROMA project, for the development of a modular robotic system that performs a multitude of manufacturing tasks in an autonomous way.

DANOBAT participates in the European project

DANOBAT participates in the European project "ZAero"


Zero-defect manufacturing of composite parts in the aerospace industry

In the aerospace industry very high quality standards have to be met. For the manufacturing of carbon fibre parts this is currently solved through extended end-of-line inspection in combination with re-work processes to deal with defective parts. Also, in-situ visual inspection is used for quality control, which is currently causing huge productivity losses during lay-up and has become a real bottleneck in carbon fibre parts manufacturing. ZAero project will provide a solution by developing inline quality control methods for the key process steps: automatic lay-up and curing.

SORALUCE participates in the consortium for the development of the European project MC-SUITE

SORALUCE participates in the consortium for the development of the European project MC-SUITE


It searches to increase the competence of the European manufacturing industry, reducing the gap between the programmed process and the real part.

The MC-SUITE project proposes a new generation of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) which enables process simulation and optimization of tools enhanced by physical measurements and monitoring, thus reducing educes the distance between the virtual and the manufacturing process.

The advances in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) are revolutionizing our everyday life. However, the manufacturing industry has not taken complete advantage of this huge potential yet. The final aim of the MC-SUITE project is to open the doors of the manufacturing workshops to this new revolution. Indeed, the MC-SUITE project consortium strongly thinks that the current ICT can have a tremendous impact in the productivity increasing the competence and expertise of the European manufacturing companies and especially the SMEs.

SORALUCE creates system capable of increasing productivity by up to 300%

SORALUCE creates system capable of increasing productivity by up to 300%


The European machine-tool manufacturer, which specialises in milling, boring and turning, is revolutionising its sector with DAS (Dynamics Active Stabiliser) technology, which has just earned it the European Quality Innovation of the Year and Best of Industry awards.

DAS technology, which is set to be a revolution in the machine-tool sector, consists of a device that actively increases the dynamic rigidity of machines, thus increasing cutting capability by up to 300% due to the reduction of the risk of chatter during machining process. The system increases cutting capability in general, improves surface quality and reduces the risk of tool breakages, increasing tool lifetime under extreme conditions.

The system has been tested on all types of machining processes, such as press heads, motor pole shoes and dies, and in all cases its use has resulted in reductions of up to 45% in the machining times tested.

SORALUCE receives



The Vogel Convention Centre in Würzburg hosted the presentation of the renowned ‘Best of Industry Award’ for 2015. SORALUCE received the ‘Best of Industry Award’ for industrial products for 2015 in the metal cutting machine tools category. With the innovative DAS (Dynamics Active Stabiliser) created by SORALUCE’s R&D Department it is possible not only to increase the dynamic stability of machines but also to increase the chip removal capacity by up to 300%.

The DAS system breaks through physical limitations for the first time. It was developed thanks to a four-year cooperation project between SORALUCE and its IK4-IDEKO technology centre. Stringent practical trials were carried out on many different machining systems, based first and foremost on suggestions by users, e.g. in machinery construction, press heads, pole shoes for generators and the manufacture of large, high-strength components. In all these cases it proved possible to reduce machining time almost in half.

DANOBATGROUP collaborates in the training for the TECNUN Industrial Engineering Masters


DANOBATGROUP has awarded the prize for the best conceptual design and precision engineering project to the students of the TECNUN Industrial Engineering Masters course.  The project involved taking on a practical challenge by the 33 students, who had the opportunity to develop their knowledge and put it into practice. The project was of technological value for the Machine-Tool sector within the area of Design and Precision Engineering of a grinder.

This activity is included within the collaboration framework signed between DANOBATGROUP and TECNUN last December, through which theoretical training is combined with projects and experiences in a real environment as the final objective.  University and company go hand-in-hand to demonstrate to future engineers the activities developed in the area of Research and Industry.  They are informed of the need of a high qualification and other necessary competencies to participate in and successfully meet the new future challenges within the machine tool sector.

SORALUCE DAS System granted with the “Quality Innovation of the year


SORALUCE DAS system has revolutionised the sector of the machine tool industry, reducing the risk of chatter during the machining process and thus improving cutting capacity of the machine by up to 300%.

The SORALUCE DAS System (Dynamics Active Stabilised) received the "Quality Innovation of the Year" award in the large company category on January 27th. The award ceremony took place in Tallinn, Estonia with the presence of Mr. Rafael Idigoras, Managing Director from SORALUCE, Prof. Dr. Iker Mancisidor, ‎Dynamics & Control Department Engineer at IK4-IDEKO, Technology Centre of DANOBATGROUP, Fernando Sierra, Director from Euskalit and Fernando García Casas, Spanish Ambassador in Estonia.

SORALUCE has won the Quality Innovation of the Year 2015 Award

SORALUCE has won the Quality Innovation of the Year 2015 Award


SORALUCE, A&B Laboratorios, TKNIKA, Vicomtech, Colegio Urkide Ikastetxea and Osakidetza were the Quality Innovation of the year 2015 winners in the Basque Country. These companies are also finalists in the European Quality Innovation of the Year 2015 award that will be decided in Tallinn (Estonia) in January 2016. The competition was created in Finland in 2007 in order to stimulate the emergence and development of product, process, organisational, etc. innovations, and which draws participants from many countries including Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Israel and the Basque Country, via Euskalit.

Rafael Idigoras, Managing Director of SORALUCE, received the award at the gala organised at the Palacio Euskalduna on 11 November.

SORALUCE displays avant-garde innovations and technological developments during Technology Days 2015

SORALUCE displays avant-garde innovations and technological developments during Technology Days 2015


SORALUCE held the 5th edition of Technology Days at the Excellence Centre BIMATEC SORALUCE from 17th to 21st November 2015, to experience the latest technologies and developments by SORALUCE in real machining conditions, highlighting the new SORALUCE product generation, innovative DAS system (Dynamics Active Stabiliser) and latest developments in Industry 4.0.

SORALUCE Technology Days 2015

SORALUCE Technology Days 2015 at BIMATEC SORALUCE from 17th until 21st November 2015


SORALUCE celebrates a new edition of Technology Days, annual meeting point that brings to experience the last technologies and developments by SORALUCE. Technology Days 2015 will celebrate at its Excellence Centre BIMATEC SORALUCE (Limburg, Germany) form the 17th to the 21st November.

At this 5th edition of the Technology Days, SORALUCE wants to go further, showing its position as leaders in innovation, customer orientation and value generation. SORALUCE is the best fellow traveller, staying close with its expert advice, technology going through permanent evolution, consolidated solutions and a wide range of services with added value.

SORALUCE FXR machine cabinet

SORALUCE leads the most profitable and ergonomic machining solutions


The European brand has presented in EMO exhibition 2015 its commitment to provide solutions at the forefront of machining, including the worldwide launching of the innovative DAS system (Dynamics Active Stabilizer) and its new generation of machines with enhanced ergonomics and safety.

The speed, the high manufacturing volume and high precision are parameters always demanded in productive processes. Within these parameters, the adaption of the working area to operator’s needs is seldom taken into account, this being essential to guarantee the achievement of the objectives previously mentioned.

SORALUCE is consolidated as Home of Innovation with new concepts that will revolutionize the machine-tool field

SORALUCE is consolidated as Home of Innovation with new concepts that will revolutionize the machine-tool field


The brand will introduce in the EMO its commitment with a more human, profitable and safer manufacture. SORALUCE is at the cutting edge of innovation in the machine-tool field. The European manufacturer is going to show that again in the next edition of the international fair EMO in Milan, introducing its new advanced solutions for machining. In this way, SORALUCE will be consolidated as Home of Innovation, due to its wide-ranging experience, extensive technological support and the opinion of its customers.

With all that, a new range of machines have been created in order to revolutionize the market, thanks to the incorporation of a new design concept that emerges to give a respond to the needs of the operator with greater ergonomics and safety.

DANOBATGROUP has updated and published its technical dictionary in Basque


The partner companies of DANOBATGROUP have in place since several years a scheme for use of Basque language at work; the resulting work is published and available to everybody. One of these publications is the dictionary, which has been updated and completed this year and which contains images and terms in Basque of the machine tool sector. The user can look up technical terms from Spanish to Basque and vice versa. Furthermore, it is possible to search images of several machines designed and manufactured by DANOBATGROUP: these images are accompanied by the relevant technical terms from the dictionary. The user can make suggestions to include terms in the dictionary.