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DANOBATGROUP awards the prize to the TECNUN best work

With the aim of developing closer links between academia and the business world, the machine tool manufacturer DANOBATGROUP has recognised like the best industrial development project on “Turning of pipes and couplings in a machining environment” carried out by the students of the TECNUN (the University of Navarra Higher School of Engineering) Industrial Engineering Masters course.

This prize falls within the collaboration agreement framework signed by DANOBATGROUP and TECNUN in December 2015. The aim of this agreement is to promote the involvement of students in the professional world and offer them the opportunity to develop and transfer the knowledge acquired in the classroom to real industrial manufacturing environments.

SORALUCE presents the new multitasking gantry type portal milling turning machine

Machining large size components requires very specific skills and machines capable of ensuring maximum precision on heavy duty components, to guarantee the productivity and reliability demanded by this sector to compete on the market.

In addition to centesimal tolerances on large workpieces, which can weigh hundreds of tons, today, a machine dedicated to these types of components needs to be capable of dealing with extremely complex machining operations, reducing the number of workpiece set-ups as far as possible and likewise, cycle times and possible errors. The machine must respond to multitasking and versatility requirements as well to avoid different set-ups or moving the components to different machines.

DANOBATGROUP will exhibit at IMTEX 2017  in Bangalore, India

Latest developments and technologies such as turning, grinding and milling-boring of DANOBAT and SORALUCE brands will be showcased at the main Indian Metal-cutting Machine Tool Exhibition, IMTEX 2017.

During this edition DANOBATGROUP will emphasize on its latest solutions for different industries such as:

SORALUCE participates in a European initiative to advance the development

Innovation is at the forefront of what SORALUCE does and many of the technologies that drive the machine tool sector are pioneered by SORALUCE.

In this context and coordinated by its technological partner IK4-IDEKO, SORALUCE participates in the COROMA project, for the development of a modular robotic system that performs a multitude of manufacturing tasks in an autonomous way.

New order from Bombardier Transportation for the installation of an underfloor wheel lathe

The division specialised in railways of DANOBATGROUP continues to expand its market share with a major order from Bombardier Transportation. The Canadian company has awarded the cooperative a contract for the delivery of a DANOBAT underfloor wheel lathe  for the re-profiling of train wheels.

The DLR model is capable of machining train wheels and brake discs. The machine features an option to work both with the axles still attached to the vehicle or with removed wheelsets and bogies. The many different configurations offer several machining capacities: wheel profile, inside and outside surface of the wheel, brake disks located on the inside or end of the axles as well as on the wheel, etc.

SORALUCE unveils its entire new generation at its centre of excellence in Germany

The European machine tool manufacturer, specialising in milling, boring and turning, showcased its high value added technological proposal at its 6th Technology Days, which are also marking the 25th anniversary of the BIMATEC SORALUCE Centre of Excellence in Limburg.

With a total of over 800 European, American and Asian customers in attendance, SORALUCE showcased its latest innovations and developments, under real machining conditions, by means of a Technology Tour where nine milling, boring and multipurpose machines were on display. During the tour, the capacities of each machine were illustrated with live demonstrations, which included impressive examples such as the use of the DAS technology that has recently been recognised as the Quality Innovation of the Year and taken the Best of Industry Award, along with the innovative DAS for tooling.

DANOBAT participates in the European project

Zero-defect manufacturing of composite parts in the aerospace industry

In the aerospace industry very high quality standards have to be met. For the manufacturing of carbon fibre parts this is currently solved through extended end-of-line inspection in combination with re-work processes to deal with defective parts. Also, in-situ visual inspection is used for quality control, which is currently causing huge productivity losses during lay-up and has become a real bottleneck in carbon fibre parts manufacturing. ZAero project will provide a solution by developing inline quality control methods for the key process steps: automatic lay-up and curing.

SORALUCE Technology Days 2016 at our BIMATEC SORALUCE Excellence Centre

SORALUCE  will hold from november 14 to 18 TECHNOLOGY DAYS 2016, an annual event consisting of new technologies and developments showed in real machining conditions by the leading specialists in milling, boring and vertical turning. During TECHNOLOGY DAYS 2016, the attendees will be able to experience all the benefits of the new generation of SORALUCE machines, solutions and new technologies, such as the DAS System, which has received several international awards during 2016.

TECHNOLOGY DAYS 2016 will be more special than ever, as this year SORALUCE is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its Centre of Excellence in Limburg (Germany).

DANOBATGROUP´s precision machining business unit to exhibit at MIDEST 2016

The GOIMEK cooperative, member of the DANOBATGROUP and specialised in precision machining and large part machining will be exhibiting its services at stand E97 at the MIDEST 2016, one of the most important industrial outsourcing trade fairs in the world, which is held annually in Paris.

The trade show is extremely important to this business unit, as France is its natural export market on account of its proximity and the type of service it offers. At the same time, the fair will be a good opportunity to strengthen its position on the French aeronautics market, which is currently the main market in light machining. Also, the event will enable the manufacturer to showcase its heavy machining services since the French market has a great potential for this type of machining, particularly in the capital goods industry.

The company will exhibit its services in light and heavy machining, offering high added value solutions at a competitive cost for the customer. Its light machining services are characterised by its specialisation in prototyping and short runs, knowledge and experience of machining complex materials such as titanium, Inconel, stainless steel, etc. and its extensive experience with aluminium parts. Its heavy machining services are notable for large-sized part machining , its capability for producing short, medium and long runs and the possibility of 3D verification of parts up to 6m long. Furthermore, the experience and specialisation in machine tool parts guarantee its capabilities as regards precision and meeting delivery deadlines.