TECHNOLOGY DAYS 2014, 12-15 November, Linburg (Germany)

03-11-2014 - 03-11-2014
SORALUCE is celebrating TECHNOLOGY DAYS 2014 from the 12th to 15th November. This year, the event will take place at BIMATEC SORALUCE GmbH, its Technology Center in Limburg . The TECHNOLOGY DAYS 2014 will consist of showing to its customers’ technology behind the machines and new developments applied to milling, boring and turning machines. These developments will be showcased in real machining conditions by the best specialists in these technologies. At the edge of a new Industry 4.0, in a market increasingly global and competitive, more automated and able to manufacture high added value and tailored products, SORALUCE is committed with these new challenges in order to provide new solutions. Thanks to an in-depth knowledge on a wide range of machining processes and to its ability to provide highly adapted solutions to every customer’s single needs, SORALUCE this time pushes the boundaries of the traditional technology on manufacturing high technological components, providing state-of-the-art solutions setting new standards in optimized machining solutions for key components. SORALUCE will show live demonstration on different technologies such as Dynamics Active Stabilizer DAS , Spindle Speed Variation SSV, Adaptive Control,… developments by SORALUCE oriented to achieve higher productivity, quality improvements and cost savings. During the evet, three new milling-turning heads will be presented to the market as well. Different machining trials will be showcased: milling gym khana, big components machining trials, gear milling, turning trials, etc. displaying high performance milling-boring-turning solutions for the most demanding manufacturing sector, offering much more than machine tool. Intelligent solutions from a brand committed to accompany its customers along their requirements.