SORALUCE Technology Days 2015

SORALUCE Technology Days 2015 at BIMATEC SORALUCE from 17th until 21st November 2015

09-11-2015 - 09-11-2015

SORALUCE celebrates a new edition of Technology Days, annual meeting point that brings to experience the last technologies and developments by SORALUCE. Technology Days 2015 will celebrate at its Excellence Centre BIMATEC SORALUCE (Limburg, Germany) form the 17th to the 21st November.

At this 5th edition of the Technology Days, SORALUCE wants to go further, showing its position as leaders in innovation, customer orientation and value generation. SORALUCE is the best fellow traveller, staying close with its expert advice, technology going through permanent evolution, consolidated solutions and a wide range of services with added value.

Its specialists in milling, boring and vertical turning will demonstrate last technologies and developments in real machining conditions through the Technology Tour. Eight different milling, boring, vertical turning and multitasking machines will be on display with different live demos, highlighting:

  • The new SORALUCE Product Generation, a new concept that brings the industry to a brand new era.
  • Pushing the limits forward: DAS , the technology that improves machining performance by up to 300%, and latest developments in Industry 4.0.
  • Milling operations at 5,000 mm height.

At Technology Days, Workshops by SORALUCE, BIMATEC SORALUCE (its Centre of Excellence), IK4-IDEKO (its R&D Centre) and partners have been organised on different topics focused to improve the productivity, profitability and operation of the customers. The event will provide the opportunity to learn for the very best experts in each topic.

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